Beauty Updates November Edition

After just under a month or so of trying the new products I can finally say more about them, and I have had a chance to look at the brands behind them and all that jazz 

So Susan Featherlash Mascara - £18
Found in my BirchBox, I had heard of the brand but owned and tried nothing from them so it was interesting using this throughout the month, The claims of the mascara is that is a volumizing and lengthening product with long lasting wear. It is ultra black which is basically the only colour of mascara I wear and unlike some 'black' mascaras, this one is highly pigmented. The product itself is packed with silk amino acids and moringa seed extract which conditions your lashes for an extra bonus. After wearing this almost exclusively for the last month, I have come to like this mascara, it does exactly what it says on the tube. My lashes did also look pretty damn good when wearing it. I would repurchase this however I can only find it online which may be the only reason I wouldn't pick it up again, and that is because I just normally pick a mascara up in the shop when needed. I don't automatically look online

Delarom Creme Acquaconfort - £34
This was also in my Birchbox and to be honest I still cannot even say the products name. I actually really like this product! It is a rich moisturiser however is still light textured so absorbs easily in the skin. It has a delicate scent and with my skin that is perfect as harshly fragrance products irritate my skin. It is packed full of mineral salts, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C,and E. All of this helps revitalize the skin as well as keeping it hydrated. With this product I can see myself using this throughout the winter months but at £34 a go I doubt this would be my go to summer moisturiser so will definitely be picking this up for over Christmas

Royal Apothic Body Lotion - £14.50
This sample came from by Glossy Box, it is a nice product but honestly I just don't think it is all that. I'm the type of person who gets out the shower and just wants to chill out. I don't want to spend ages moisturising in the cold. I do love the fact you massage this into damp skin making it super quick however I think I am just too loyal to in shower body conditioners, they just take the hassle out of moisturising and so much cheaper

Impress Press on Manicure - £7.99
These are so not waterproof! I had a bath the night I put them on and lost a nail straight away! I wore these about a week and remembered why I had to glue them on last time, they are rubbish. Look amazing and pretty - so many compliments in one week but I had to keep a supply of nail glue in my hand bag to keep them on. In the end I got so frustrated I gave up and took them all off. I would maybe by these for a night out, when I haven't done my nails but really would not rush out and repurchase these

C x