ImPress Press On Manicure

 I still can't find my camera so had to just use my old Iphone again! Sorry

I used this brand before a few years back when I was in America. I have a feeling the design was called Peacock and from my memory they were amazing and lasted ages. I also do think I used glue even though they are pre glued. This time I am going to try them out how they are

I was doing the food shopping and got side tracked as you do down the beauty aisle. A good 20 minutes was adding on to that trip on Sunday when I decided on what design to buy. If I could get them all believe me I would, but in the end I settled for Bells & Whistles.

In the pack you get 30 nails with 6 accent nails with the most gorgeous pattern and colours on. The application is easy with a quick 6 step process. It is recommended once the nails have been applied to press down on each nail for the first half hour to make them wear longer.

Select nail size 
Wash hands with soap 
Use the enclosed prep pad and wipe over each nail 
Peel off back on the back of the nail to reveal the adhesive 
Align nail with the cuticle 
Press down firmly in the middle and each side

The nail sizes for me are a bit off the smallest ones are a little to big for my pinkie and the thumb nail is too small or too big so I went with the smaller option. They are super shiny with a gel finish. They claim to be waterproof and long wearing so I will check in at the end of the month with the updates on these.  However what I will say is I love them and if they last I will be repurchasing them in different designs

C x