BirchBox January Edition : First Thoughts

I had forgot to cancel this box if I'm honest they are just crap every month so decided to give up on it! Compared to the Glossy Box where I got 4 full size products and 1 deluxe sample here I only got 4 samples and 1 full size but some of the samples were not even  a decent size! 

Doux Me Comforting Face Mask & Exfoliator - £18 
I like how you can use this as a mask or as a exfoliator. It smells absolutely amazing and the packing says it has apricot oil, rice powder and marshmallow which is obviously why it smells so good!! Marshmallow in a face product?!?! That's a new one for me. I have never heard of this brand but it does appear a brand which I can get behind. Their tag line is 'For all the woman who refuse to choose between ethics, effectiveness & femininity'. Which in itself is powerful. It is a French brand and appears to have a few shops in places such as Paris & Lyon. I have a love/hate relationship with French skin care brands so looking forward to trying this although I find the sample size a bit on the small side to use it a few amounts of time to see if it does work. Especially as you can use it two ways

Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer - £18.50 
Colour : Mink Brown
I love the mascara for this so I don't see why I wouldn't like the primer. The best thing about this primer is it is brown!! Not that horrible white which seems to make your lashes grey no matter how many times you coat your lashes in the deepest black mascara you can find! I am currently trying out a different primer so as soon as that one is done with I can not wait to bust this one out (which should only be a few days time woo!!) You can use it alone or as a primer so I'm intrigued to see how it compares when you wear it alone

Parlor Moisturizing & Reparing Shampoo & Condition - £16 each
I will be honest, I wont be using this. My scalp is so sensitive at the moment I can only use E45 shampoo. I will pass this on to my mum and see what she thinks of the product. I am slightly gutted I can't use this as it is smells so good! The brands signature scent is peach & freshly cut grass. I can't smell the grass as I am really bad on picking up scents but I can smell the peach and yes I want to eat it! 

Whish Three Wishes Almond Body Butter - £14.50
Again this smells amazing! It has aloe, shea and raspberry butter in, so it is highly moisturising. I have only just used this on the back of my hand so far and it reminds me of cherry bakewells! It absorbs really easily and doesn't feel greasy which is a bonus. It also says it has seaweed extract to firm the skins surface which is awesome while heavily pregnant for the belly! I can't wait to use this, it might break me away from my trusty in shower body conditioners!

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener & Waterline - £14.95
Colour : Flash Nude
Something tells me I have had this before?! Maybe not full size but I have definitely used it and hated it. I will try it again but just from swatching this on my hand it still feels the same, rock solid! I can not bare to use this on my waterline it feels like it scratching and pulling my eyes out. I don't know if I have just had 2 dodgy ones but it's not making me want to go recommend it. Also it's really hard to blend out, again I think it's down to mine feeling like it's come from the Ice Age so a deffo thumbs down for me!

Birch Box Compact Mirror - £4 
This was the beauty bonus. I mean yeah it's a mirror and a bad one at that. You can't just throw it in your bag as it is open so can easily smash which is a nightmare but I just have so many mirrors I wont use this one and it will gather dust somewhere.

C x