Glossy Box January Edition : First Thoughts

It's the best time of the month!!! Glossy Box delivery time!! I forgot to cancel my Birchbox so I do have one more of them due but in comparison this box just smashes it every time! Looking forward to seeing what I have this time round! 

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask - £11.36
I am sure I've used this brand before but obviously my first product from them wasn't that great as I can not remember what it even was! I do love a good face mask though so I am looking forward to busting this out in a nice bubble bath (oh heaven!). The claims are that the mask provides skincare protection (well that's a bit vague), nutrition and hydration while removing impurities. It does look like you can use this as a mask or a treatment so I'll be trying both out soon

Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick - £11.93 
Colour : Coral Onyx 
I do love a good lipstick especially colours like this although I have to ask the box says it is a 'unique satin matte finish'. How does that work?! The packaging is to die for, I absolutely love it!!! It also says there is 8 hours wear and highly pigmented coverage. I am yet to find a lipstick that lasts as long as it says on the box so I might do a post on this with a start and finish photo

Angele Paris Nail Lacquer - £6.32
Colour : Red
Everyone loves the timeless classic red polish, it can take your nails from crap to a manicure look in seconds, although I have to say as much as I love a good old red nail polish, I have about 7 that are currently open! So I do think this is going to be sat at the back of my display until I've got through a few more bottles.

Glossy Box Eyeshadow - £7.10
Colour : Glossy Mauve 
What a beautiful colour, I don't think I actually own something similar to this colour as I have been on a neutral kick lately but I do love Glossy Box bringing in this trend straight from the catwalks! It is pretty sheer when first applied which is perfect for a day time work look and with a quick change and a damp make up brush you can really amp up the colour for the after work drinks. I'm looking forward to see how it does wear throughout the day and the staying power. Argh! I tried to close this and the packaging broke already! Not a happy bunny!! Twitter Photo!

Madara Cellular Repair Serum - £38
Lets see what this does then! I am not really a serum person so I don't have much to compare it with but it seems to have some pretty incredible claims. Apparently 86% reported a lifting effect instantly. After 4 weeks 91% had increased dermis collagen synthesis more than 15% and 69% had increased dermis collagen synthesis more than 30%. I have just found it was based on 30 people which doesn't seem like a huge amount so we shall see if I see a difference!

C x