January Bargains

Still practising my photo & editing skills here!! :)

I popped up to the locally shopping centre on a whim to have a quick look and came across a few good bargains I had to share with you! 


Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar - £9.99 
I'm fairly new to this brand so finding this in the January sale I couldn't help but get excited! The brand itself is a great for the budget conscious and from the few items I have tried the quality is pretty good (albeit a bit hit and miss on some products). This holds 25 make up items in so is a great price to try out a selection of their products

B. Make up Artist's Edit Brush Cleanser & Muslin Cloth Set - £10
Apart from the Real Technique's brush cleanser I haven't really come across a drug store cleaner which is readily available so loved finding this - again in the January sales section. According to the box it is suitable for everyday use so will be perfect for spot cleaning before I do my weekly deep cleanse


Sleek - two for £10 
I think this deal is a absolute bargain! I might even go back to get some more items but with an inpatient other half and queen of the browsers here I just picked up two items

Blush By 3 Palette - £9.99
Colour - Pink Lemonade  
These aren't new but I haven't even looked at them before. In all honestly I have only just started expanding on my blush collection so this is great if your new to make up or just wanting to try few more shades or formula's. It is a little palette which features 3 complimentary shades of pink. It has two powders and one cream formula. The colours are absolutely beautiful my only complaint about the packaging is the cream formula in the middle as you have to be careful not to get the powders mixed in 

I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette - £7.99
 Colour - Oh So Special 
I loved this as soon as I saw it the shades are right up street. The perfect day to night palette in one so I can touch up after work and continue into the night. 12 shades including matte & shimmer shades all in neutral colours and I am especially loving orange shades in my crease at the moment so can not wait to test out this beauty and see what looks I can create 

Maybelline New York 
This was on a buy one get one half off deal which yes isn't an exclusive January sale as they happen throughout the year but still a great deal especially when I seen these! 

Super Stay 24 Foundation - £8.99
Colour - Ivory 
I have tried this before but according to the stand its been relaunched and has a new formula. It says it lasts up to 24 hours and has no colour shifting, dulling or fading. Non-transferable so wont rub off and is breathable. I will get back to you guys to let you know how it compares 

Super Stay 24 Concealer - £6.19
 Colour - Light/Beige 
I'm a sucker for concealer as I have the worst skin in history! I am loyal to my Collection concealer for a whole £2.99 and it is truly a holy grail as I'm sure you all know by now as of how hyped it is but seeing as I got the foundation I thought I'll try out the matching concealer to see if I have a new favourite 


Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Daily Wash - 55p! 

Now this a random one but bloody hell at 55p I could not resist as my skin is horrendous especially with all the pregnancy hormones. I used to use Clean & Clear in my teens and haven't tried their Advantage range but for that price you really can not say no! It does have Salicylic Acid in which I know some people can be sensitive too but it does work for my skin so looking forward to seeing the results with this!

C xx