Birch Box Update - January Edition

I finally cancelled this subscription. They have just been useless lately and I honestly felt like I was wasting my money.  This month was no exception - yes there were some nice products but sample size and variety just isn't Birch Box's strong point

Doux Me Comforting Face Mask & Exfoliator - £18 
I really did enjoy this product! As previously mentioned I love a good face mask, I do about three a week so have used this particular one just over 5 times and I honestly think I am going to eat my face. It smells just so damn good I can't help but want to eat it straight from the bottle. My face looks a lot clearer and healthier since using it. It didn't really feel like it exfoliated my face well but it smells so good I honestly do not care. I will be buying this as well. I have found two good face masks this month

Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer - £18.50 
This is amazing! I love it, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Benefit do make some cracking eye products and this is not an exception. I have found when I do my casual 'no make up' make up look using the primer alone really brings the look together and makes my eyelashes look amazing. The fact it is brown to is good as you don't have to add about a million coats of black mascara to cover up those horrible white primers you get

Parlor Moisturizing & Reparing Shampoo & Condition - £16 each

I haven't used this product as I currently can't due to my scalp at the moment. I passed these on to my mum and she really enjoyed using them, she said her hair looked healthy and had a nice shine and bounce to it. She also mentioned how good the product smells but did say it faded quite quickly on her hair. She would buy the full size products if she were to pass them in store but she wouldn't ditch her current products instantly and replace with these

Whish Three Wishes Almond Body Butter - £14.50
I used this whole sample up pretty quickly, in the cold I have had a really itchy belly due to it growing and just getting cold. It has made my stomach feel firmer and I can notice that however that is not to be confused with helping with the appearance of stretch marks. It does asorb easily so you don'y have to wait around to get dressed once you've applied it. I have already brought the full size of this for my legs, on days when I have time to laze about I have started to use this body butter over the in-shower conditioner

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener & Waterline - £14.95
I have already thrown this out, I mentioned I have used it before and it was rock solid and this time was no different. I have looked up about this product and most people seem to love it so I honestly think it is just got spoiled in transit when my boxes have been delivered but neither the less I really wouldn't buy or recommend this due to that issue I have had twice! 

C x