Collective Haul

Just throw all the items together and snap away!

Maternity leave is looming which means only one thing shopping! I have been pottering about the shops lately and online and thought I'll share my recent purchases with you beautiful people! I'll warn you now it will be a long post

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner - £14
I love this! I tried it in my Birch Box a while ago and fell in love with it. It smells amazing and does a lot for your hair such as instant detangler, adds shine, heat protector and UV protector and a whole lot of other goodies. This bottle will also last you a hell of a long time!

Ciate London  Blush Pop - £16 
Colour : Tantalise
Now I love Ciate's nail polish, it is always on point! I know they've recently ventured into the cosmetic side and I haven't really heard much about it. I have seen lots of good reviews of their eye liners but not much on the rest of their line. I only own two other cream blushes so I'm interested to see how this compares! Also to see the best way to apply it, the packaging is umm unique?

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil - £1
Colour : 007 Rose Quartz
Whenever I am in the pound shops I look out for things like these! They always have some sort of brands for £1. I seen this and know that it would go with lots of different lipsticks I own so thought why not!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eye Liner - £1
Colour : 004 Taupe
I love, love, LOVE the Scandaleyes eye liners, they are so creamy and pigmented. The nude one is my go to for the waterline when I am not doing a heavy look. I seen this one and thought it is a beautiful colour, it will be perfect for the days where you don't want a black waterline but still want it darker than an nude/white liner. Although just from the pound shop it is still as creamy as the full priced ones

Olay Even & Smooth Light Day Cream - £1
I think I was sold on the fact this is called even & smooth, who doesn't want skin like that?! Also my day cream is seriously running low so would need a new one soon and  once again for a pound it is worth trying. It claims to even skin tone, smooth your skin, hydrate and also reduce the appearance of dark spots. Be interesting to see if it actually does

Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer - £5.99
I love a good ol' primer especially when they say poreless! I am loyal to Benefits Porefetional but I do like to mix them up and if this works it would be a great alternative once the baby bear arrives and I'm saving money, my only worry is that sometimes the poreless primers make my face look even more oily

Seventeen Miracle Matte Skin Primer -£4.99
At this price I'm not expecting the 22 hour shine control it claims but once again if I can find a great cheaper primer I'm all up for up. Shine and pores are my downfall so I will be trying this out in conjunction with the Flawless Poreless. Fingers cross it works!

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick - £4.79
Colour : Beehive
I did get this on a 3 for 2 and really didn't know what to pick up as I only went in to get the primers and was stuck for a third item. I really liked the look of this colour it is like a dark pinky nude, which basically means perfect for any occasion. I have also just noticed there is a little mirror in the packaging you can use for on the go. Should of probably got that from the name though!

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Now Collection - £5
Colour : 116 Game On
This is a gorgeous sheer coral colour which would be perfect in Spring 
Colour : 117 Juicy Lips
I really hate the name of this, again it is a coral colour with what appears to be pink undertones and just looks beautiful swatched
Colour : 118 You Had Me At Hello 
Now this name is much better, This is a bright pink, the brightest I think I own? It is basically pure fushia and will definitely make you stand out 
Colour : 119 Adorn 
I love dark colours still, I get a little upset thinking I can no longer wear these colours when the sun comes out. This is a beautiful plum colour which doesn't appear to be too in your face 
Colour : 120 True Power 
The darkest of the bunch which is a more intense version of Adore, its got a bit more of a vampy purple feel to it but again appears to be really wearable 

Freedom Pro Eyebrow Kit - £3.50 
Colour : Medium - Dark 
I didn't intend on buying this I have to admit, I went in search of Freedoms eyebrow pommade which every colour seems to be out of stock! I have heard they are dupes for the Anistasia Beverly Hills but I will not find that out for a little while! This kit seems nice though you get 3 different powder shades and a pigmented gel. You also get mini tweezers and brush which lets be honest no one ever uses! The packaging on this is so flimsy though, you can tell that straight away but for the price can't complain

Freedom Pro Melts Lipgloss - £3.00
Colour : Smooth 
I was attracted to how bright this was, although it is a lipgloss from first swatch it does appear to be pretty opaque so can get away with wearing this on it's own with a good lip liner. I is a gorgeous fushia colour, a bit more intense than the You Had Me At Hello lipstick 

Freedom Innocent Collection - Free
This is currently in a promotion where you get it free online if you spend £10 on Freedom products. It has 32 colours in a thin and sleek looking palette, it does look pretty high end considering it is a freebie. The colours all have individual names which is amazing as normally in some drug store pallets you don't get that also there is great mix of shimmers and mattes. 

Collection Contour Kit - £4.19 
I'm not sure if this has a colour or not it doesn't appear to say on the packaging however it looked lighter online so I have no idea if this is going to work for me as the contour looks too dark for my skin tone. I do like how you get a lot of product for the price but it will just be trial and error to see if it works for me or if I need to pass it on

C x