Review - Browdrama Pomade Crayon

Ok I have already said I have been on a bit of a Maybelline New York binge recently so I do have two more posts to come with their new products, but I do have some different stuff coming up, I just happened to try all of my new products in a couple of days to get some first impressions

I am not sure exactly when this item came out but I am all about the brows lately, granted I can't do them very well and after years of the over plucking 2000's brows I do have thin ones which are extremely sparse at the ends, so I am all over the brow products! 

I saw these on the stand in boots with all of Maybelline New York's new products which may be why I went all out on them. I could only see three colours and again I have looked online and can only get 3 shades in the UK but according to the Maybelline website there is 4 shades which is slightly annoying that we aren't getting the full range. Once again luckily for me I have dark hair so the colour medium brown looks like it would work

I love how this product doesn't weight my brows down which I find can be a problem with some other products. It still holds the hairs down but in a much more flexible way rather than when it feels like they have been glued down. It does look natural

With the size of the tip you can not get much precision it is a more of a all over sweep which is perfect for the 'no make up' days or they days where you want to appear put together but generally can not be bothered (ahem..most days then). It doesn't feel greasy at all and applied smoothly 

It doesn't need sharpening as you just twist up the bottom but I have found in the past with products with pointy tips and twist up bottoms then tend to become flat and I just can't use them, although that could just also be because I am heavy handed and clumsy so need to work on the technique of keeping it sharp!

I also found that towards the brow tail where the hair thins out it smudges far too easily which again if you have a full face of make up can ruin everything which is highly annoying and a major draw back.

I used a spoolie after I applied this to get even more natural look and I have to say although it is a nice little budget eyebrow product (£5.99) with the ends of my brows being pretty much non existent it doesn't look great with a full face of make up. So I wont be repurchasing this as much as it pains me to say as in theory it is a good product and convenient but unless I'm going for a bit of foundation and eye liner look I really wont be using it much as I need more definition in the ends of my brow game

I do think this is a product that will divide people as you can tell from just one use it wont be for everyone, but people with fuller brows will get on with this product more than me 

C x