Review - The Falsies Push Up Drama

Mascara junkie here, I have to admit. I am the worst for opening too many at a time and some drying out within the 3-6 month range so I have to throw them out constantly. I need to improve my rotations for the mascaras I own so I can get the most out of them

Right then onto the good stuff, this is the latest edition to Maybelline New York's The Falsies range and to be honest I was not convinced by the original formula so when a new one came out I was eager to try it out granted, it did take me a while to go get it

I really like the packaging on this although at first I was looking to see if it was a two step system. It really does look like it so it is a little misleading but neither the less I am a sucker for nice packaging so was really drawn in by the colours

The brush is meant to be cup-shaped, I don't even know what they mean by that! It doesn't look like a cup to me?! I have had to do a little research to find out what the hell was so special about the brush and coming straight from Maybelline's website 'Push up cup brush with cup-shaped bristles scoops and lifts the lashes'. So basically the little gaps between the bristle pick up all the eyelashes

With it being called Push Up Drama I was expecting massive volume and length. Basically as with all the Falsies range reducing the need to use false lashes. I will be honest I couldn't see much volume with this mascara, I seen an awful lot of length but not much volume. 

I found the best way to use this is to curl my eyelashes to get the volume I wanted then add the mascara to get the length. It is a 'wet' mascara which means you can build up the product nicely and not leave my eyelashes looking like the classic spider legs

For a drug store mascara it is fairly good, I mean I do feel a bit mislead with a few things, firstly the product looking like it is 2-step system and also with a name like Push Up Drama I expect a bit of volume. The price for this is £7.99 and can be purchased here and I would repurchase this as I do like the amount of length it gives you, so for that it's a thumbs up but if I am looking for more volume I will be reaching for a different one

C x