Kiko Cosmetic Haul - Part 2

Well on to the second half of my haul, I felt that putting it all into one post would make it long and tedious to read so why not split it up as I have a hell of a lot of eyeshadows to go through

On the website there are various different types of eyeshadow, and I picked up two different types (or so I thought?)  I picked up, one called simply, eyeshadow and the second called Infinity. Now if I am honest (I could be wrong) I do believe the eyeshadows are the same they just have different packaging

The shadows in just the standard eyeshadow format come in their individual cases with the clear plastic lids, it does feel a little bit cheap but I could not care less as the colours available and the pigmentation pay off on the two shades I have is unreal

The first shade is called 115 Bottle Green, it is the most amazing dark green with what appears to be grey undertones and a flattering amount of glitter which doesn't look like I'm rocking a disco ball on my lids
The second shade is 138 Mat Orange, I have to be honest it bugs me that matte is spelt mat! However back onto the good stuff, this is the perfect matte orange for a transitional shade in the crease. In the Spring I do tend to use a lot of subtle bright shades, so for me this was always going to be a winner

The Infinity shadows are individually brought so you can make your own palette up just how you want it.The packaging they use for the palette is their CLICS system and I brought 3 individual cases for them, although the eyeshadows themselves have a lid to them so you don't have to spend the extra pennies
First up is shade 210 Satin Brick. Once again I like this type of shade in the crease to blend out any lines I have, this is one of their satin finishes and is smooth to the touch and blends like a dream
Next up is shade 226 Mat Coral Rose, this is a beautiful shade and I have to say the name gives it away it is literally a coral/rose shade and is to die for. Mixing with a bit of Satin Brick in the crease gives a beautiful spring eye
The last shade on my eyeshadow binge is 289 Mat Dark Oak. This is a dark smoky grey perfect for vamping up any look, again I went for the matte shade as I am just loving them lately

If you don't have a shop near you then the shipping from their website was quick and no products were broken as they were protected with bubble wrap

Have any of you tried Kiko Cosmetics? What are your thoughts? 

C x