Kiko Cosmetics Haul - Part #1

I am really behind on the Kiko Cosmetics hype, recently they had an offer on for 5 products for £10, obviously it was for certain colours and products but I picked a few items (ahem, more than a few) to see if they are good as they are affordable even without the offers they have on. Although I did purchase these online waited a week for shipping then found out they have a store in the shopping centre. Well done Chels, well done

I first picked up two lipsticks and I have to say, I adore this packaging. It looks so sleek and like it should of cost me more than they did. Both seem heavily scented which reminds me of vanilla icing so I kind of want to smear my face in lipstick

The first colour is 926 Masala which is a berry colour and it does apply lighter than it looks in the tube, it has a beautiful shine to it
The second shade is 924 Almond this is a gorgeous brown nude with some shimmer through it again, giving it the most beautiful sheen

I also purchased an automatic lip liner is shade 510 Cyclamen, at the time I didn't realise this also came with a sharpener and a blender at the other end, which to be fair is pretty cool if you ask me. It is a bright magenta. I'm still relatively new to the lip liner scene so I honestly do not know how this would compare to an higher end brand as I own none yet

My eyebrow game is shocking lately like seriously, I really need to sort it out. All those years of over plucking has caught up on me and now I honestly look ridiculous. I brought two items from Kiko's eyebrow department

First up is their precision eyebrow pencil in 06 Auburn. This has a little spoolie on the end and the smallest pencil tip I have ever seen, it does look like it would be able to create the effect of tiny little hairs, like the ones that used to live on my face
The second product is their Eyebrow Fibers which is a coloured mascara in the shade 04 Auburn. This is packed with fibers which help create a better brow look and also hold the very few hairs I do actually have in place

I pretty much have a liquid or gel eyeliner on every day without a doubt, so I was searching through Kiko's offer and found they do an Eye Marker in the shade Deep Black. I only own one other type or marker eyeliner and I am pretty messy at applying these but it's an extra one to practise with and they are perfect for thick dramatic lines and this was is a good opaque black

Cream Eyeshadow
I also picked up an Eyeshadow Stick in the shade 21 Passion Fruit. It is a beautiful peach cream shadow with pink undertones and would be perfect eye primer for the Summer. I haven't put it to the test yet however the claim is it doesn't smudge and holds colour for 8 hours which is pretty impressive if it is true!

C x