New To The Blogging World

Why did you start blogging?! Mine was a sort of calming distraction and also a growing passion

I suffer with anxiety and writing generally helps me calm down, my partner was also fed up of me talking to him about stuff he really couldn't care less about (ahem, all my lipsticks are not red if you're reading) so he persuaded me to start a blog, as I read them enough. 

I'm still new so I am working on my writing skills and also my photos, although I lose my camera so many times a day it really doesn't help me! So basically I know my photos and writing need improvement but hey, I am new to all of this!

There are lots of loves in my life that I am going to be writing about. Beauty, food, wine, fashion and travel so really I should class myself as a lifestyle blogger, however when I started I had make up on my mind so I choose the title In The City Beauty, now looking back that limited me to just beauty so I've decided changing the name of my blog was the best thing to do. So In The City Today was reborn. Lets be honest as I am a newbie gaining page views and followers now is the best time to do it 

I became a mumma back in March so I don't have a particular schedule I stick to for posts, it is more of if and when I can get one done so some weeks I can post loads some I can't post at all but I will get more of a routine soon - I brought a special planner to help and I love planners! 

So basically moral of the story is please stay with me when I get things in order

C x