The A-Z Of Me

I saw this post earlier and thought it was such a brilliant idea and a great way for a quick get to know me! I first saw Charlotte from Twentysomethingxo post this (click here to check out her original post), who got it from Lady Writes which you can find here. Both of which are brilliant bloggers so you should definitely check them out

A - America, this is straight up my favourite place in the world! Everywhere is so different and you have some completely breath taking National Parks

B - Brunch I love brunch who doesn't eh? Especially a champagne brunch! 
C - Chels! My name is Chels but otherwise coffee, I need coffee in my life, I cannot function without it especially as a new mumma with no sleep 
D - Dogs, I love them the fluffier the better, seriously! I've renamed by partners dog fluffy for this reason and dinosaurs, I bloody love them!
E - Egypt, specifically Ancient Egypt. I love all things to do with the past and this is just one of my favourite periods
F - There is loads for F!! FiancĂ©, he means the world to me, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas my favourite film ever! Especially when he gets 'the fear' and finally food. All types get in my mouth... enough said
G - Gin. Gin. Gin. I love gin.  

H - Height, I'm 5 foot 2 so a lil' shorty
I - Ink A.K.A tattoos! I currently have 7 and plan on getting more. I know most people have such meaning behind their tattoos however only half of mine do. I have no deep spiritual meaning behind the camel on my toe!
J - Juice, man I love juice. Pretty much drink it all day
K - Killer Heels, despite my lack of ability walking in them they are just so pretty! I'll settle for little heels too
L - Lemon & Limes I eat them like a normal piece of fruit, they're not just for drinks!
M - Margarita Mondays, is this a thing? It should be
N - Nights, I am a complete night owl. I wish I was more of a day person but I'm not! I also adore nights in, especially when it's cold and you can snuggle up. Perfection
O - Orange, the colour not the fruit. This is my favourite colour, I think it may be because it is bright and obnoxious
P - Planning, I've become quite an addict lately, it is strangely calming sitting down and cutting out stickers
Q - Quesadillas. Whoever invented these marry me please? So good! 
R - Rain, the sound of rain makes me go to sleep, I also love walking in the rain too, it's heaven
S - Son, he is just amazing and I could not be happier with my life now he has made me and the other half a family
T - Travel is life, I have always had the travel bug and would love to make it to the Far East one day, but for now my travel involves around family holidays in the UK and Europe and I still couldn't be happier 

U - University, I'm currently in the middle of applying for a scholarship and it is crazy scary
V - Volcanoes are the most interesting things ever. I could watch shows about them all day
W - Weight loss!! This is important to me. I gained a hell of a lot of baby weight and I am currently on the weight loss journey so next Summer I can run around with little man! Oh and also wine. I need wine. I'm aware these shouldn't go together
X -  XYZ cocktail. One of my favourite cocktails. It's Cointreau, gin & lemon juice. Heaven in a glass and my Summer BBQ cocktail of choice
Y - Yawn, I need about 24 hours sleep in a day, and I get about 5 wahhh
Z - 'Zummerset'. Ok this one is slightly cheating. It's Somerset however with my country bumpkin accent it is zummerset. Just like it's zider not cider! It's the county I'm from and I honestly don't think I could ever leave the West Country! It is just beautiful

So that's the A-Z of me! Leave a comment if you guys have any posts similar, I would love to read them!

C x