Whitening Lightning Dial A Smile Review

Ok well I brought this while looking for something to whiten my teeth as everything I have tried hasn't worked so far, then I remembered the whole Whitening Lightning phase on You Tube where it seemed every one raved about it. Granted they were most likely paid to say it was fantastic or sent the product free but I seen an offer for 2 sets for $39 (aprox £27) and free shipping to the UK which only took around a week to be delivered so what do I have to loose

The claim  
Whiter teeth in just 20 minutes wit no pain

I thought it would be something me and the other half can do together as we both would like to have some pearly whites, after placing my order I didn't seem to get an email confirmation so I done a bit of research and I have to say I was pretty worried at some of the reviews I seen! Most of them saying they had no shipping info and the company never got back to them etc, so I contacted them on Facebook and they replied within a few hours. With the time difference I couldn't fault waiting a few hours. They said  I should of got a email but sent me my order number to track it's way across the water so I was pretty impressed with that after the worry of me potentially not getting my order

I wont go on massively about the process as I am sure you all seen the videos, I swear there were about 100 being uploaded a day but I'll give the brief low down, the kit contains the following - 1 x paper shade dial, 1 x applicator brush, 3 x vitamin E swabs, 1 x dispensing tub, 1 x LED light, 1 x gel syringe and 3 x teeth wipes

It only takes 20 minutes and each kit has 3 uses in and it appears to be done in 7 quick steps

1) Use the shade dial to check original colour of teeth
2) Use 1.5ml of gel from the syringe and put in the dispensing tub
3) Use the blue side of the teeth wipes to dry all your teeth
4) Use the Vitamin E swabs to coat your gums and lips
5) Use the brush to coat all your teeth with the gel
6) Hold the LED light 1-2 inches away from your mouth for 20 mins
7) Brush remaining gel off your teeth and check the shade guide again to determine your results

So after 20 minutes of looking ever so attractive dribbling and watching Jeremy Kyle the main thing I'm sure everyone want to know is does it even work or isit another gimmick like most whitening kits you can buy around here?!

I started a shade 8 and ended up a massively improved shade 7!! It is really not worth the hype. I'm hoping that as the kit has 2 more uses I could get another 2 shades whiter but I'm not holding my breath! - My partners teeth stayed the same shade too! I would not buy this again! However I might try the cosmetic side of the business

If anyone knows of a good at home teeth whitening kit let me know!

C x