Everyday Make Up

I have to admit I've been pretty lazy with my make up lately. I've pretty much used the same things over and over again for past 7 weeks, mainly because it's made my morning routine quicker so helps when you have a hungry baby needing all your attention but still want to be put together so this is my everyday make up. It's pretty basic but meh!

First up its all about the base...I've been using this tiny little Benefit Porefessional it is my favourite primer of all times especially as I do struggle with pores the size of England and it's so mattifying it is amazing this time of year! Hello 26 degrees where have you come from?! 
Concealer now you need some heavy duty stuff when you've been doing the night feeds and your child thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to play between 1am-4am. It's not. I flick between two concealers depending how how the nights been. First up is the L'Oreal Instant Age Rewind, I won't babble on about this as let's be honest it is a cult favourite and there is a 99% chance you've used it or own it. Secondly I also use the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint and oh my god this is surprisingly amazing, I personally think it's over taken Benefits Erase Paste and Soap & Glory's Kick Ass Concealer, which used to be my holy grails and it's a fraction of the price so winning right there.

The good stuff now Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I normally wouldn't go for a foundation like this as it only has a light to medium coverage but this really does brighten your skin so again it makes me look like I've had sleep when I haven't. To top it off I use Maybellines Matte Maker finishing powder 

Moving swiftly on to the cheeks.
Contour has to be... who am I kidding with a 2 month old contouring does not exist as some one needs there milk NOW and that will only hold up the process, I do however love a good highlight. Enter MUA Strobe and Glow I just use the top powder on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow followed by a little bit of blush currently loving Max Factors  Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve as all my other blushes seem to consist of glitter and with the high light I look like I should be hanging from a nightclub ceiling in the 80's. The new and improved disco ball!
Next up the eyes. Now I do take a bit of time with these as they are one of my best features (distract you from the big nose!), I love playing around with colours but that's now saved for the days where we have a babysitter and go out. For my everyday make up I use the Freedom Pro 32 Eye Collection. I do believe this was a limited edition I got free when I spent £10 on Freedom products but they have different palettes all of which have fantastic reviews. There products are total bargains too. This has a gorgeous mix of neutral matte and shimmer shades and the pigmentation is fantastic! I had this on the other day with no eye primer and after about 9 hours I was asked if I had just done my make up so it really does last. 

I have really bad brow game, I haven't had them done in forever! Now I'm going to go back on my word, I done a review on this product back in February and hated it. You can see the review here. It is the Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon. Now my time frame to get ready has changed this is just perfect for me! It's so quick and easy it really makes me look put together and tame the little hair I have on my brows. 
Eyeliner of choice is L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim, I love the felt tip applicator and I can get a really defined line right up to the lash line, I top it off with a bit of Avon Always On Point Eyeliner in the waterline. I find this is not as opaque as some of my other black liners so works well with the lip combos I use. 
Can't forget a bit of mascara which is Maybelines the Falsies Push Up Drama. It does it's job but I am still undecided on it 
Now finishing of the look is the lips! I have about a million colours but I have just been switching between two shades of Revolutions Salvation Velvet Lacquer. First up is my everyday pink shade called'What I believe'. It is a bright Barbie pink but also and more surprisingly extremely wearable. Next up if I am feeling a bit cheeky and daring I go with the purple shade called 'Keep Lying For You'. These are unbelievable Jeff! Get the reference eh? eh? My football team got promoted whilst writing this so hey football quote had to go in! They only cost £3 each and last hours. The pigmentation is something else, I would honestly pay more for the quality of these and of course I love me a matte lip
So there you have it, something that was meant to be a quick read turned into an essay but hey! This is my everyday make up for a mumma with no sleep! 

Let me know if you have any other saviour products for when you're in a rush, I always need to know them!

C x