Gin Festival 2016

New yearly tradition starting? I think so! I was lucky enough to visit the Gin Festival in Bristol as a guest blogger. I had never been to a festival dedicated to one of my favourite drinks before so I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. It was a sell out event and now I honestly know why!  There are tickets still available for their events around the rest of the UK, the link will be at the bottom! If you're looking for something a bit different to do on a night out I can highly recommend this, it was the first night out me and my partner had since our son and we both had the best time possible

It was held at the Paintworks in Bristol which to be fair is around a 10 minute walk from Temple Meads however if you're like me and have no sense of direction and take a wrong turn on Bath Road in some not so suitable walking attire it will take a little longer. Over an hour! After a tantrum and taking my shoes off I'm so glad I decided not to go home, I was greeted by the lovely Laura who went through what the festival was about. Included in your ticket price is a glass which you get your drinks in, it is washed out every time you order, a little book of Gin which showcases all the gins they have on offer and a pen for notes. It is only £7.50 a ticket and worth every penny and more. I will point out do not wear heels if you have no idea where you are going!
You get a chance to speak to experts who are extremely knowledgeable about al the gins there. I have to say although one of my favourite drinks I know nothing about the stuff apart from it's good with juice! Sippin' on gin & juice laid back. Had to be done, sorry not sorry! So back to the staff which help run the festival they are all lovely and gave the best recommendation from mixers to the gins themselves. I also noticed there are two types of people at the festival, ones like me who tried new gins and mixers and people like my other half. 'What's the strongest gin you have?! That'll do'. It was bloody nice though and definitely didn't taste like 60% proof, if you see Blackwoods Vintage Dry 60 out and about try it!
So onto the good stuff, you buy tokens at the event which are £5 each and each drink would cost one tokens unless you going fancy with a gin cocktail which would set you back £10 which isn't to bad concidering the standard of gins on offer, we ain't talking no Gordon's here. There was also food served in the courtyard however I didn't try any of it, there was a hall full of gin behind me
They also hosted master classes throughout the evening, they were about every half hour and lasted around twenty minutes, these were so interesting, you learnt so much about the process behind each brand and what makes them unique. I have to admit sitting in with a G&T learning about the products was far more interesting than I thought. Special shout out to Brockman's gin definitely one of the most interesting talks of the evening or could be because the guy is just on form.

Some of the best gins I tried were at this place and if it is to return to Bristol next year I will definitely be going again! So what to look out for or in other words what I enjoyed!
Blackwoods Vintge Dry 60
Sipsmith V.J.O.P.
Bathtub Gin
Sir Robin of Locksley (if you like it sweet)
Gin Royale cocktails!
There is also a shop there which sells all sorts of gin related products including bottles of some of the best gins showcased at the event. Special shout out to the Bath Tub gin, definitely brought this and continued our own gin fest at home. Do not recommend this if you have to go food shopping the following day but hey! I had a babysitter for little man had to make the most of it.
There are still tickets to many of the Gin Festivals around the country so you can purchase them here so although I didn't purchase it is honestly the best for any gin lover or someone new to gin. It is a solid 10/10!

C x