Glossy Box May Edition : First Thoughts

I don't hide my love for the Glossy Box, the majority of mine have been amazing! Last months was pretty bad for me but only because some of the products are just things I wouldn't buy anyway so fingers crossed for this box. Is it me or is there something about the surprise in each box that makes it feel like Christmas?! Or it could be the fact opening boxes is hugely satisfying for me as I'm weird. Definitely the child who loved the cardboard boxes rather than the toys

Proper Corn Lightly Sea Salted - £18 for 24 packs
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I'm currently doing Slimming World and these babies are only 2 syns. I love me a bit of popcorn and these would be perfect for shoving in my bag for on the go. They are wheat and gluten free and taste ah-mazing!! I'm glad I took the photos first as these will be gone by the end of my post. A solid 10/10
Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie - £3.99
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I am sure you have all seen things around maybe not this brand but some of which involved the same concept. They are spiral and leave no kinks or waves in your hair. They are available in various colours, I've been sent the pink ones which I'm unsure about. I have red hair hello colour clash, but they will be perfect as little man now holds on to my hair like Jack held onto Kate's hand whilst floating on a giant door. Which funnily enough you could of fit both of them on  
Bee Good Youth Plump & Firm Moisturiser - £23.50
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Bee Good, made by British bees get it? Get it? Ahhh I loves me a good old pun! So lets see what this says. It's best for mature or ageing skin, hmmm I'm 24 although I do use some anti ageing creams etc I'm not 100% convinced I am the brands target demographic however it smells amazing!! I am so crap at describing smells I'm gonna most likely guess this wrong. I'm thinking citrus? It absorbs super quick into the skin without any of the horrible sticky residue you get with some moisturisers
Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil - £13.99 (currently 50% off at £6.99)
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Well this is a blast from the past! This reminds me of my 15 year old self down the lake with a BBQ with some under cooked sausages on and a bottle of Lambrini or Frosty Jacks. I'm from the West Country cheap cider was everyone's drink of choice. I used to love this stuff, I used to get tanned so easily and got asked if I had been on holiday like a million times a day. I'm going to be completely honest here now though, it's SPF 15 so you really, really, really need some more SPF in your life! I doubt I will be able to update you on this later in the month to see if I still like it because lets be honest, I live in England. It's raining. It's always raining. Still smells good though
Absolute New York Velvet Lippie - £5.99
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Colour : Lolita
Hate the word lippie. I have no I dear why so basically this is a liquid lipstick, you know the thing everyone raves about so much lately and every brand seems to produce. Everyone I see is walking around with a sweet matte lip, I'm no different. Hello sheepie following the crowd. I have used Absolute before for skincare which I really enjoyed, I never even knew they did make up products. The fact the shade I have is called Lolita is really going to confuse me as to me Lolita is the Kat Von D liquid lipstick.This is a beautiful Barbie pink and feels so soft however swatching on my arm it is a bit patchy so wonder how well this would work on the lips
Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara- £13.99 
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Hmm do I admit this?! I've never used a Revlon mascara!! There foundations and lip products I have used and loved but for some reason I always look over their mascaras. I know they have recently redesigned the packaging and I have to say I am a fan! Love the idea of just checking the colour of the lid to know the finish. I'm looking forward to using this if I'm honest as I do love a bit of eye make up and mascara is something I wear pretty much daily. I have high hopes for this beautaaaay!
C x