Glossy Box May Edition : Update

Ola Amigos!
I loved this months box, unlike last month I got to use pretty much all the products bar one so was better than before straight away. 

Proper Corn Lightly Sea Salted - £18 for 24 packs
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Yeah these did not last! I didn't even finish writing the original post before they were gone! I am a huge fan of salted popcorn and these did not disappoint! The only thing is I can not seem to find single bags and I have nowhere to store 24 packs! 

Hairon Zero Crease Hair Tie - £3.99
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These do exactly what they say on the tin. They tie your hair up without leaving kinks in it, I have also found with these I didn't get the headaches I normally get with regular hair bands. I still do not like the pink as you can see them in my hair and like I said I have red in my hair so it is just a major colour clash but hey perfect for around the house, especially as my child is now a hair puller! Argh

Bee Good Youth Plump & Firm Moisturiser - £23.50
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I encourparated this into my daily routine and still have a little bit left but I will be completely honest, I have seen no difference in my skin but again I do not think I was the age range for this product. I may be a new mum but really not on the anti aging hype just yet! Does smell good and make you skin feel super soft though

Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil - £13.99 (currently 50% off at £6.99)
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I haven't had a chance to use this yet, it has been pissing down non stop literally. No sunshine to go sunbathing, I do need a holiday though it's been far too long!

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie - £5.99
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Colour : Lolita
I am unsure if I like this if I am honest, the colour is beautiful it is just more of the formula I don't like. It was very patchy on the lips so took a few coats to get it looking even opaque and then it looked a bit thick on the lips if that makes sense? It was a beautiful shade though and would suit a whole range of skin tones but again it is just the formula! I wish it was a bit better then it would be a staple in my everyday make up as liquid lipsticks are just so easy to pull any look together

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara- £13.99 
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This is amazing!! I loved this mascara and it has made me want to try all of their mascaras! I have no idea why I always over look these, I've been misssing out big time. I found I could layer this and not end up with spider legs for eye lashes. The wand is tiered so catches every lash and makes it a great everyday mascara
C x