Somewhere Saturday - Detroit in 48 hours

Man Detroit is something else. All I used to know about Detroit is what I learnt from Hardcore Pawn (amazing show might I add) it appeared to be full of absolute nutters, although I was stop by someone telling me 'I'm the president don't you know?' it's not as bad as people might think. In fact I think it is one of my favourite places. I travelled here last year before I started my blogging so I am lacking photos so I'm apologising early!

Greektown Hotel 
There are lots of hotels to choose from but I stayed at the the Greektown Hotel & Casino. It is a beautiful hotel and has fantastic views of the city as the rooms have floor to ceiling windows. It is located in Greektown, who would of thought it eh? The rooms are just beautiful and they do have an 42 inch plasma TV and also a work space but lets be honest your in Detroit you're never gonna need them unless you are actually there for work (like myself but used the desk as a make up station) or you're in bed catching up on Family Guy or the American news after a night in the casino! I have no idea why I love the American news so much just seems so much more interesting than the standard West Country news! They have a pretty damn good brekkie too. Bonus. The staff here are really helpful and will go out their way to help you. Special shout out to Pat who sent me the photos of the hotel as I have none! Rookie mistake there Chels.
There is also a casino here which is part of the hotel, which me being me was straight on it (ahem it may of been a work trip but hey work hard play harder), the slots are one of my favourite and I won about $100 dollars! Ker-ching! I also attempted a game of poker but safe to say I didn't do well there. I've only just learnt to play and I do not have a poker face to say the least

Right things to do in Detroit apart from going to American Jewelry & Loan (thinking I need to watch less TV here), you also have the famous 8 Mile of which I didn't go too but I went to so many places, it really changed my mind on Detroit. They do have a good range of public transport to get around the area including the People Mover, in my opinion the best name for a metro ever.

Henry Ford Museum
This was surprisingly interesting and I hate to admit I wasn't expecting it to be. It surprising how green this place actually is for a car making factory. You can't take any photos from actually inside of the factory so I have to say I am lacking photos for this! But trust me you wont want to miss the place. Detroit isn't called the Motor City for nothing!  I love the classic Ford Model T.
 What surprised me about the Henry Ford Museum is the fact I learned good ol' Henry likes to collect 'things' such as cars (obviously) and buildings. You'll find all this in Greenfield Village. The only place in the world you can see cottages from the Cotswold, the bus Rosa Parks was arrested on for refusing to give up her seat, the Lincoln JFK was shot in, the chair Lincoln was killed in to the Wright Brothers Bike Shop. Seriously this place is breathtaking and there is so much to see and do there you can happily spend the whole day there.

Detroit Institute of Art 
This is the place for you in you are a fan or art, the DIA has more than 100 galleries and has the USA's first ever 'selfie' - Van Gough self portrait. The first Van Gough picture to enter the US. The museum covers all sorts of arts from different millennia and my personal Favorited is the Ancient Egypt section - shockingly

Oh My God. If you do just one thing in Detroit it has to be this! This is one of the best experiences of my life! I got to sing in Studio A where the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Diana Ross and the Supremes and many more have sang once before. I'm in two minds about how much detail to go into here as it is just so amazing I feel like if I go too in depth and you go, you'll know what to expect. One thing I will say again the staff there are amazing and they really are hilarious. You'll love them

Now onto the food. Man I do love food

Andiamo Detroit Riverfront
This place is beautiful, the location, the food and the cocktails. Just everything about this place is beautiful. It is Italian cuisine in a very upmarket and romantic setting. In the evening you can look out over the river to Canada. Yes you heard me right Canada! It is all lit up and just gorgeous. All the food is fresh and delicious, again I haven't got photos of the food as I mentioned earlier, I started blogging after I have been!
Here's Canada just chillin!

Pegasus Taverna 
This place would be good if you like Greek food however I am honestly not too keen on it. I travelled with a group of about 15 people and they all raved about the food, I raved about the cocktails. As soon as you walk into this place it feel like Greece has hit you in the face, you can tell it is authentic and family run. 

Now the cheesiest way to end this post. 'Put your hands up for Detroit, I love this City'. There are now direct flights to Detroit from London with Virgin Atlantic so even more reasons to go!

C x