A Few of My Favourite Things : Eyeshadow Pallets

Ola beautiful amigos, here is a quick post for you! I saw on Mumzilla's blog a good idea of a bit of a blog filler. 5 of your favourite things. It's a great idea you can literally write about anything. Food, travel, films even recipes. The possibilities are endless. It is a great idea and you can go check out her out here she's brilliant so honestly go have a read! So I'm gonna be talking about my pallets today. I have noticed I only own about 3 high street budget pallets, the rest are all high end. The only reason for this is for my birthdays and Christmas I ask for a high end palette other wise, I would just be saving for ages to get them

Urban Decay 
Pallet : Naked 3
Rose gold never gets old! It's always perfect for date night, it girly, romantic but also with this pallet you can amp it up for some night time glam. I use this pallet at least one a week I would say, we all know about the Naked hype and how good Urban Decay's shadows are. I have had this pallet years! Yeah yeah before you tell me about the expiry dates. They are crap. If you abide by them I don't believe we can be friends! Just look after your make up and don't store it in your bathroom and you'll be fine! I've actually hit pan on strange. It is a beautiful highlight and Nooner is a beautiful crease colour again, it is a dark rosy plum colour and nothing like I own. Blackheart is also a favourite of mine, it takes a standard black shadow and amps it right up with micro red sparkles!

Kat Von D 
Pallet : True Romance Ludwig
I am gutted the colour Leather broke on the flight home from San Fran! I can honestly say my heart broke a little unpacking and saw powder everywhere. Leather was the most gorgeous matte brown however with that one breaking it only leaves me with one more matte left in the pallet which is Lucifer, nether the less I still love this palette. I am all about the bronze tones, they are gorgeous and blend like a dream. I absolutely adore the olive colour in here (Orbi), although not that adventurous to use green shadows often!

The Balm 
Pallet : Nude'tude
This is another cult favourite, don't think I have come across someone who doesn't own this beauty. I loves me a nude eye as I tend to be a bit more brave with my lipsticks now adays so go big and bold. Another reason why I love this pallet as I've mentioned in many previous posts I'm a busy girl so anything that can take me from day to night, again this palette does that. 'Sexy' is also one of my favourite shades of all times. The only thing I can not stand about the pallets is the fact its made out of cardboard. The darker shades Serious and Sleek have stained it and it is so horrible to look at

Smash Box 
Pallet : Full Exposure
This is one of my newer purchases and pretty much used weekly as well. I use this one more when I go to work as it's got a nice mix of mattes and shimmers and all well within the neutral brown shades which are my favourites. I own loads of bright colours but I just don't seem too adventurous with them unless I use them from some intense eyeliner on the lower lash line. I love the fact all the shimmers are on top and mattes on the bottom. The shade S7 in this pallet is beautiful it a gorgeous grey with a shit load of sparkle. None of these shadows have any fall out so far which is perfect when I do my make up in a hurry before work. Last thing I want is to look like a disco ball

Freedom Pro 32 Eye Collection 
Palette : Innocent Collection 
I got this for £10, I know bargain and a half right?! I think this is probs my most used pallet of all times, it has 32 shadows in a mix of matte and shimmers. It has the colours to do every look you think of and I love the fact this even has names for the colours! New Rule is an amazing crease colour. I have to say I reach for this pallet pretty much daily for that crease colour alone. They quality of Freedom's eyeshadows are unreal for the price of them. They last about a good 7 hours without needing a touch up which is prefect for me at work or on a night out

C x