Empties : First Edition

Ola beautiful amigos, I am on a no spend for a few months (make up & skin care) so finally making my way through my many samples. I have tend to use them a couple of times then they tend to shuffle their way to the back of collection so I am slowly working my way through them and I have noticed I have a lot of stuff I have used which is now collecting dust until I write this 

Rituals Tao Tai Chi Shower Form
I took this shower gel into hospital with me when I gave birth. It is so nice to use especially when I was in hospital for the week! The smell is absolutely beautiful and I love the fact it is a foam gel, I don't know it makes it kinda fun to use! Oh and my skin - it felt sooo soft after using this. I doubt I would repurchase this if I am honest. Nothing to do with the product it's self it's just I tend to pick up my shower gel in supermarkets when I do the grocery shop

Superdrug Shower Gel
I brought this for an amazing 49p yup you heard it! To me shower gel is shower gel as long as it smells nice and gets me clean I'm happy. The sent for this was Coconut & Bamboo so smelt more expensive than it was. It done the job and honestly I will pick some more of these up when they are on sale. They do the job and I want to try out some more of the scents as they do last on your skin for a few hours

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I always have this to hand, I think it is a great budget alternative to the much loved Bioderma. This always tends to be on offer too so I always get it at such a price too. This bottle was only a pound so hardly going to break the bank! It also gets of my most stubborn make up. Yes I am talking to you Benefit They're Real! I honestly think it makes taking of my make up less of a chore at the end of the day as lets be honest we all hate it and sometimes just can't be arsed

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It
This is a new holy grail.  Like seriously why did I not discover this earlier in life. If you have read previous posts you know I really struggle with my skin, I have pores the size of England and spots that like to pop up various times throughout the day. But this beautiful white tub of awesomeness has really helped shrink my pores and keep blackheads away! I love the feeling of this on the T-Zone as well, it's like a airways attacking my pores and cleaning them out. The menthol feeling for some reason really makes me think it is working but that could just be the psychological aspect but you can definitely tell a difference

Clean & Clear Advantage Rapid Spot Control 
This must of been about my 5th tube of this stuff I love it. It helps control any spots I do have appearing over night and the redness reduces throughout the day which is one of the best things about this! I am currently using some different treatment then have a different one to use again after that! I doubt I will be picking this up anytime soon only as I do have so many different ones to get through first, then I think I might commit to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion as I've heard so many good things about it!

Simple Eye Care
I don't know if I see a difference after using this on my eyes. I used it twice a day and patted it underneath my eyes where I have ridiculous bags. It was nice and refreshing as it was cold to the touch so was refreshing but I can't see if it done anything so doubt I'll repurchase it as again I have so many different eye cream type products to get through but hey it was nice and was cheap as well. I also forgot to take a photo of this, damn it!

C x