Ola beautiful amigos! The guys at Eat Clean Tea are currently running a cheeky little comp about summer drinks incorporating their matcha green tea. So Matcha you say, well it's all over the place at the moment and the rumours are it's pretty damn good for your health. I am a green tea lover anyway so I wasn't really clued up on the benefits so did have to scope the website to see them! The benefits include giving you the energy boost without that crash you get at about 11 am so reach for the biscuits, it lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and a whole other heap of stuff so check it out here to find out more. So the drink what did I do?!?!

Hello cheeky play mat ;)

I took my inspiration from the Far East. I love their food and drinks they are all about the flavour clash which surprising taste bloody amazing, lets be honest now. They some how take something sweet, sour salty and spicy and mash it up into heaven.


Matcha Green Tea Ginger 
3 Oranges
1 Lemon
1 Red chilli (keep the seeds in for fire, fire, fire)

  • Wack out your juicer and juice your oranges and lemon
  • Add a little bit of chilli into the mix to for extra kicks 
  • Make up your matcha tea as instructed 
  • Pour into the citrus mix 
  • Cut orange chunks and chilli slices to garnish
  • Enjoy!
Can we appreciate the owl mind!

This is honestly so simple to make and surprising refreshing! What I also do is make up a bit of the Matcha tea and freeze it in ice cube trays. They give any drink a bit of a spicy kick to it!

C x