A Few of My Favourite Things : Mumma

Ola beautiful amigos! As you all know I am now a mumma and still trying to adjust to having such a beaut of a little man rely on me 24/7 . This time 10 months ago I was a 23 year old cheeky drum and bass raver. Fast forward to now and I spent my Saturdays in playing 'Dino Land' with little man! Well really more for me, I loves me a few dinosaurs! I am looking to get a few parent related posts up, so today I thought I'll do my top 5 mumma related. Things that get me  by on a day to day basis.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
Shout out to all the breastfeeders so much respect! However it was just not the right desicion for me, little man is growing as he should be which is the main thing. This for formula fed babies are amazing. It is basically a coffee machine for little bubs. Press a button, add the formula, shake and then press the button again. 2 minutes and the bottle is done at the right temprature. In the middle of the night this is a dream, I can make the bottle when he is stirring rather than having to make a bottle the old fashion way and him screaming down the house!

Vtec Baby my first keys
I have no idea what it is with these keys, they are magic. If little man is unsettled these keys calm him! 'One two three start the engine turn they key', yeah I've used these keys far too much! I know all the words off by heart. It has 3 keys one of which being a teether which is heaven when my 3 month old is bloody teething already! I mean like really buddy, you have just started sleeping through the night them BAM. Teeth. There is also a rattle and it plays lots of nursery rhymes too so little man can play with this for hours

Lamby The Lamb
Everyone meet Lamby. He loves Lamby, I think it's because he is so fuzzy it calms him when he is a little stressed meaning it makes the whole situation less stressful for mumma too. Never fear Lamby is here. He goes everywhere with us I dread the day we lose him and we all know that is going to happen. Every child loses that one bloody teddy they love so much

Musical Winnie The Pooh 
My mum picked this up for me, she seen it in Aldi and a bargain price. It makes leaving the house much more efficient when he is in his pram. It plays 'Rock A Bye Baby' and it has a Velcro strap so you can literally attach it to anything. You would think I am the worst mumma ever with how he cry's when he goes in his pram, but like magic pull the cord and he is fascinated and one happy chappy again. I am dreading the day the batteries run out. You can't replace them! Design flaw there when us mumma need Pooh to get on with our day to day activities!

NUK Bottles
These have saved my life! More importantly the teats have! Let me give you a little background so you see why. Little man was born smaller than anticipated, it turns out he hasn't grown in the last 4 weeks but they didn't pick up on it. Luckily he was fine, he was just small. In hospital we were using the SMA ready made bottles and peanut was drinking fine, fast forward a week later when we left hospital we were feeding him using our Philips Avent bottles and he was taking a lot longer to drink. In fact half hour of him drinking then screaming and stressing we looked at the bottle and he drank a big fat 0ml. We tried all different bottles and still nothing so we went back to the pricey SMA bottles. I was looking at them and noticed the teats were made by NUK so google them and found it was latex teats rather than your standard silicon one. We brought 4 bottles with the latex teats and he was drinking again! It was like a dream, turns out where he was little he was too weak to use silicon teats. They were too stiff for him and he was wearing himself out. So without these little man wouldn't be able to eat, I am so glad I found this company and highly recommend them! On a positive note, he can now use silicon teats!

C x