Bristol Bloggers Meet 1.0

Ola beautiful amigos! I went to my first ever blogger meet, and yep I was straight up shitting myself, no joke! I really shouldn't of though I met the most friendliest bunch of people I have met in a long time! Also just a heads up I have awful photos from the event, I forgot my digital camera so ended up using my phone which turns out, are pretty crap for my photos

It was organised by the beautiful Chloe, you can go find her at Beauty and the Girl. I can not even think of the time and effort she put in organising this event! So massive thank you if you are reading!  The event was held at the Cosy Club in Bristol up of Corn Street. It reminds me of the Lounge in Portishead, wonder if they are ran by the same people?! It is such a beautiful venue with some shit hot cocktails.

So the event started with a little intro to Off The Record by one of their reps. OTR is a charity in Bristol that helps with that 'taboo' subject of mental health. I'm actually so glad mental health is finally getting the notice it needs. I myself spent many years hiding it as I thought people would think I'm 'crazy' if I spoke up and loose friends. Turns out from speaking up I now how my little slice of the internet to escape to! 

So yeah, I got sidetracked there! OTR is based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and is designed to help young people and adults deal with any problems they may be facing and help them overcome them. They are also in the process of creating a studio type place where people can go to just express themselves, its going to be amazing

There were a couple of companies there talking about their products which was really interesting although I did have to make a break half way through one talk to have a codeine break! I had just had surgery on the Thursday and the event was on Saturday so I loved how the whole thing was low key and local so I could still enjoy it, otherwise honestly don't think I would have made it and would of missed out on meeting the bunch of beaut! 

Credit : Chloe from Beauty and the Girl 

So first up we had a talk from Weleda all about their iconic product Skin Food. I don't think I've heard of Weleda before to be honest when I read the emails I got them confused with Wella. Two completely different companies, whoops. Weleda are all about nature and what it can do to your skin to care for it. I'm gonna do a whole post about their Skin Food as we did get an amazing sample of the product so I do want to use it and give you all the ins & outs! Adele is a fan though so must be good! Another thing I want to say about Weleda which I found pretty darn cool is they have like a wellness centre at London Fashion Week where they take the models to relax with massages and facials etc. We did get a demonstration with them doing a facial too with the directions in our goodies bags, wonder if I could persuade the other half to do it. Oh my god completely forgot to say Skin Food has been around for 90 years, can you believe it?!

Next up it was Chelsey (great way to spell your name mind) from Chelsea Candle, these guys are amazing and I have put in an order for a couple of these to review as they smelt absolutely banging! Yeah that is how I actually talk and I ain't even sorry! The price of these as well are on point, it's £5 for the small candles and £18 for the large. They are all soy candles and did I say smell amazing? Seriously their No 3 Amber & Lavender candle smells like a sexy man in a jar! I love the fact they are 100% recyclable to. She also offers batches of personalised candles perfect for weddings etc. I am definitely going to be looking into this when I actually get round to planning my wedding, I have no idea where to even begin

Chloe also organised a raffle with loads and I mean loads of amazing prizes but sadly I didn't win anything but that was alright as there was the biggest gift bag of loads of amazing goodies, and I mean it was that big there is going to be a whole other post about it! 

There was a chance to go to Chanii B Shoes pop up shop down at Cabot Circus, she has a permanent shop over in Bath, however I couldn't make this. I had to go get little man from grandma and I had to go rest as I already had overdone it. It does look like she designs the most amazing bags though, Hannah posted a picture over on her Twitter and seriously it was to die for!

Once again thank you Chloe! 

C x