Glossy Box July Edition : First Thoughts

Ola beautiful amigos!! I'm back with this months Glossy Box! You guys might of noticed I missed last months, I had a huge amount going on, I moved, I had no internet and little man had his jabs. To be honest I am not even sure what came in my box, it kinda got lost in the move. I think everything's worked it's' way into it's home before I could blog about it! Any who moving swiftly on to this months box. I have to say it's a goodie for me! It appears everything is full size too, well that's a result in it''s own!

Soft & Gentle
Hair Minimise Antiperspirant
So I love the fact this is in this months box! My current antiperspirant is running low so saves me a trip to the shop! I always end up picking up a Soft & Gentle deodorant at some point, they smell amazing and do a good job. I'm trying to think if I have seen this version in store and yeah, I struggle remembering my own name half the time so I don't know if this has been about a a while or what! It says it contains Keliosoft which is a natural plant molecule that reduces the protein the causes hair growth. I've never heard of Keliosoft before but according the the little card that comes with the box if says it takes 8 weeks to notice the hairs becoming thinner and growing slower. So hey, we'll have to see, I''m always a bot dubious of things like this. Smells so good though!

Icona Milano
Emotion Allowed Mascara
Again, my mascara is running low so need a new one. Just ignore all my other unopened ones, seriously. I love the name of this, Emotion Allowed, ha! Clearly waterproof and it's in black!! I don't think I own any other colour mascara, I'm always gonna be a black mascara girl. So this claims this mascara is water, sweat and humidity resistant so I shall put it to the test this month! Hopefully we will actually see Summer this year so can try it out then too! The formula of this seems quite creamy (if that makes any sense) so looks like it may take a little while to dry but we shall see

Blank Canvas
F20 Flat Brush 
Hands up if you need another make up brush! I mean surely you can't have too many, despite what my bloke says. F.Y.I if your reading - one they are all different, two they all do different things and three you shhh! I've browsed at Blank Canvas website before looking at their brushes but never actually brought any so happy to have this in here! It's made up of dense short synthetic bristles which make it look like its gonna buff foundation right into the skin making it look flawless  

Utan & Tone 
Nourishing Night Creme
Now I have never heard of this brand before but I like the sound of it! So this is basically a night cream captain obviously Chels, it's in the name and it has a bit of a gradual tan with all the other goodies from a night cream such as hydration and protection. Can I just point out this smells amazing like none of that crappy fake tan scent but a I want everyone to smell the back of my hand good! From first impressions on the back of the trusty hand, it quite lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly but it doesn't seem to leave the skin sticky so gonna have fun using this throughout the month 

De-tangle Brush 
I have loads of these brushes but they just have nothing on the original Tangle Teezer however I mean it is a pretty colour and you always need a hair brush so I'm sure this will be thrown in one of my handbags for when I'm out and about!

Let me know if you get any subscription boxes! I think I have an addiction so looking for more!

C x