Munchkin Steriliser : Review

Ola beautiful amigos! I'm back with another parent post! This time it is a quick review on possibly the best bargain steriliser I have ever came across. We used to use the Philips Avent microwave steriliser which was fab but then we moved into our apartment and when we got our new microwave out, the Philips one never fitted in! Complete nightmare so we have a mad dash of scoping out electric steriliser as we have had to do the bottles the old school way in Milton & water

I found this Munchkin steriliser for only £29.99 online in Boots and managed to order it in time for next day delivery. I wasn't expecting too much from this as I've never heard of Munchkin and I think it's a bargain price so obviously you just dont have high hopes, lets be honest now

It is so easy to use and set up. Even I managed to sort it and that is saying something. I am absolutely useless at making things, but it is literally put the plug in and you're good to go!
The whole cleaning process is only 6 minutes long so the same as my original steriliser which is handy as lets be honest 6 minutes is nothing! You can wack the kettle on and have a coffee by the time you need to unload the bottles

The size is so convenient for us as well it holds 9 standard bottles or 6 wide neck bottles, we currently are still on the small bottles as little man can only handle 4-5 ounces a feed. We have about 6 bottles in use at a time so the all fit in the steriliser which is handy so we have never had the moment yet of not having a clean bottles

There are two 'shelves' you can put everything on which are stacked on top of each other and we mainly use the top one for accessories. We put his dummies on the top shelf as well as his medical syringes. He has to have medicine twice a day and it is the stickiest meds I have ever seen and you would never know it with how well this machine works. With our old syringes which were being used in the old steriliser were always stiff after use as well as the measurement numbers on the side were wearing off. Nothing like this happens now adays! Result

To use the the magical device all you need to do is pour 120ml of water in the bottom, you even get given a matching measuring jug Then you just pop the shelves in put the lid on and press a button it's that easy! 

On the lid there is a little handle which changed colour so you can easily see whether it is cool enough to touch which is definitely handy, seriously I always used to burn 

The whole machine is fairly compact, I mean it's not small enough you wouldn't notice it lets be honest but the design is pretty sleek so it sits neatly in the corner of our kitchen out of the way. I also love how easy it is to travel with as the electric cable is detachable and everything you can store inside with the secure lid

So overall I absolute love this machine! It has saved us time as doing the bottles the  fashion way took over 15 minutes! The smell left on the bottles too from the Milton fluid is horrible and now we have nothing like it! Heaven

I really recommend this steriliser and actually looking at some other products from Munchkin as they seem so good for the price and come on who doesn't like a bargain!! 

C x