Somewhere Saturday : Pontiac

Ola beautiful amigos! I am extremely lucky my job takes me to places I can only dream about. A lot of it being America. I love how diverse the country is and all the things you can do. Today's somewhere Saturday is a beautiful little town in Michigan called Pontiac. I was only here for hours but my god what a beautiful place! This is the perfect stop en route to Springfield IL. I even got to meet the mayor! Felt well chuffed.

One of the main attractions here is the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum. It is jam packed with everything related to the most iconic highway in the states.  Anything and everything related to the history of Route 66 can be found here from Bob Waldmire's bus to pretty much every car licence plate relating to the Mother Road you can think of. The whole museum is ran on visitors donations and every penny is worth it.

They have so many little museums there it is worth trip I mean there is even a a museum dedicated to Gold Leaf! Can you believe it? It's actually suprisingly interesting, I honestly didn't think it would be but it was and it's something completely different to add on to your trip. 

Another museum worth visiting is the Pontiac Oakland Auto Museum. Now be warned this museum is small but laid out extremely well to maximise the space they do have. They own a ridiculous amount of classic cars and rotate them so they all get to admiration they deserve. 

This place is full of murals. I mean full of them! They are beautiful too, they change them a lot but one of my favourites is the iconic Pontiac mutual on the back wall of the Hall of Fame museum. One of the best bit's about my trip here was the fact a group of bikers on Harley Davidson's pulled up outside. You can't get more American than that! There are over 20 outdoor murals on Main Street. 18 of the murals were painted by the Walldogs who are a collection of well known sign painters and muralists. They visited back in the Summer of 2009 and managed to paint all 18 in only 4 days.

There is an amazing art studio here which is owned by a lovely bloke from Beijing, he thought Pontiac was closer to Chicago than it is but still fell in love with the place and stayed. He is crazy talented and paints on everything, from clothes to cars and of course you're classic canvases. His name is Tang Dongbai and you can see him at Dongbai International Airbursh Art school.
One thing on our tour that made me laugh, they were on about one of there oldest buildings which was around 300 years old, hello I'm from England. That building is a baby! 

If you are getting your kick on Route 66 check out this place! You'll regret it if you don't! 

C x