Bristol Bloggers Meet 1.0 : The Goodie Bag

Ola beautiful amigos! I'm back to tell you guys what I got in the goodie bag as it was so massive I didn't want to add it onto an already long post! So if you want to hear about the event then just click here 

So first up Derma V10 they have been so generous with what they gave us!. I've seen these guys about and I honestly have used like a million of their nose strips?! I find them so much better than the Biore ones I brought and about a 6th of the price! We got loads and loads of goodies so I'm gonna give you a quick run down of what we got
SolKiss 3 in 1 Self Tan Mitt - I haven't fake tanned in what seems like forever so I'm gonna have to wack it back out to try this and also mildly excited to looked like I've actually been on holiday this year!
SolKiss Fake Tan Wipes - I haven't had the best experience with fake tan wipes so I'm a bit hesitant to use these. I was literally a tangerine dream
Make-Off Mitt - I have seen these about but not convinced, I'm gonna try this next time I have a full face of make up especially as it claims to remove mascara and you just need to add water! We shall see
Multi Radiance Cream - Happy days I needed a new face cream, this also has SPF in luckily as it appeared summer has just peaked
Permanent Hair Colour - I did get 3 of these a blonde, a brown and a black and I honestly gave the Blonde to Sophie and the brown to Levi as I was never going to use them although the black will be used at some point! If my hair isn't some version of red it''s black!
Rescue Oil - Hell yeah! I had a baby 4 months ago, say hello to stretch mark central
Pure Effect Micellar Cleansing Water - You can never have to many cleansing waters so glad this was in here!

Nanshy Fan Brush  I have seen so many photos of these brushes lately they look so beautiful and I'm actually ecstatic we got a brush in our goodie bag, even more it's a fan brush so can get my highlight on point. The brush is made out of synthetic hair so is vegan which I know is a huge for people. It's so soft to the touch and picks up the powders well so this will be moved into my everyday brushes

We also got a body butter from Beautifully Scrumptious. It's a coconut & lime scent and honestly to die for. It's really think but absorbs fairly quickly so I don't have to stick to the sofa while I wait  for it to dry. Did I mention you smell of summer?!

Boots No 7 Moisture Drench Lipstick. I felt I hit the lipstick jackpot with this shade, I had seen people had red colours which looked so gorgeous I just haven't conquered my red statement lip fear yet. I got the shade Honey Bloom 740 a gorgeous dark nude you can wear every day. Winning. This lipstick is actually really moisturising too and glides onto the lips like a beautiful nude dream.

Papier Poudre well these guys have been around since 1903! Can you bloody believe that? Whats that like over 100 something years!! 100 guys. Well at least I think that's right? These must be shit hot. I'm a huge fan of blotting tissues, my skin type is all about the oil in the T-zone, ergh. So these are like ideal for me. I have 4 booklets of these. First up is the powdered papers in the XL size in the shade Rachel which is perfect for dark/medium skin tone. It was luck of the draw I got the shade that isn't my skin tone but they still work so who cares!! The XL size are also new in 2016. Next up we got the cutest little pack of 3 original sized blotting papers. I have all 3 colours,  White which is recommended for very light skin types, Rose for medium to light skin types (me, me, me!) and finally once again Rachel. Last thing up is the 1903 London For Him!! Yes you heard it folks, blotting papers for him and do you think I can get the other half to try them for me to see if they are decent? Nope. So I'm gonna guess they're good! I think this is a new range as I can't find much information about 1903 London except their website says new range coming soon.

C x