CB12 White* : Review

Ola beautiful amigos! I'm here today with a review of a product I was kindly sent by the guys at CB12. If you don't know they do pretty intense mouthwash which I am a huge fan of to begin with so to be offered the chance to try there new product which claims to whiten teeth in 2 weeks?! Holla! I'm all up for that!

In true Chelsey style, more photos will be attached once I find my cable to transfer them!!

First things first I love, love, LOVE the packaging on this! It's so sleek! Is that weird, calling a bottle of mouthwash sleek? But look it's just so damn beautiful. Think it's the chrome type lid and how brilliantly white the bottle is!

So moving swiftly on from that utter weirdness of me attempting to describe a bottle. The product it's self. As per the original mouthwash this beautiful bottle again freshens breath for up to 12 hours, I have to say after eating garlic is was quite as fresh as I would like but who eats garlic and has fresh breath aye? Seriously if you do, you are not human! Looking into this I have read on the CB12 website there is a patented 'Power Formula' which neutralises the processes that cause bad breath. Yeahhhh, that's a bit too scientific for me!

After years of neglecting my teeth and far too much red wine and coffee. Mumma needs me some coffee and wine!! I hate to admit (it's actually embarrassing!) my teeth are horrible, they are so stained and just blah. I rarely smile in photos, I pout which is all well and good until I have to go to an award ceremony in September and smile away! HELP

It also states CB12 White is non-abrasive and non-oxidative which means it doesn't harm the enamel on your teeth which happens with some of the whitening products about.

This isn't ridiculously over powering either, I mean it's mint but it such a nice mint! I think it's Listerine I had and when I first used it, I genuinely thought it was going to strip my taste buds off my tongue! This one is a soft peppermint!

Using it daily also helps to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, so all in all it sounds like it   
C x

*Although the product was sent to me to review, it hasn't in influenced my thoughts and opinions