Chelsea Candle Review

Ola beautiful amigos! How are you fine bunch? When I was at the Bristol Bloggers meet I met Chelsey who is the owner of Chelsea Candles. My word these candle scents are to bloody die for! I went ahead and purchased a few scents as their prices are on point.

Every one knows about the 'high end' candles, I'm talking you you Joe Malone, Molton Brown and all the rest. Then you get your middle of the road candles. Up there in prices but not in the £40-£50 range sweating just reading that price. The 'middle of the road' candles (as I like to call them) are your brands such as the bloggers beloved Yankee Candles which are around £8.99 - £21.99. Then you get your  'bargain basement' candles which aren't actually bad. You can pick these ones up in places such as Poundland, B&M Bargains and Home Bargains. These range from sort of the £1.99 price point and are some sort of rip off of the Yankee candles ones, similar scents and designs.

So these Chelsea Candles are in the 'middle of the road' but have the scents of the high end candles. They are only £5 for the small candles which I purchased 3 of. I'm a nightmare with candles, I get board of scents easily so the large jar candles would be a bit of a waste for me as I would just have a stock pile of half used candles just taking up space and gathering dust. However for all you large jar candle lovers the Chelsea Candles price is £18 so a steal really

Back onto the candles I have. I personally think they look high end. Glass jar with a minimalist white and black label on the front showing the scent. Very similar to the Joe Malone candles just minus the silver bottom and lid. The boxes they come in too are lovely! Little brown cardboard box with a corresponding colour to the scent. Simple things make me happy

I purchased these on a Saturday night and received them the following Saturday, I never got a confirmation email though which was my only issue, but I believe that was down to PayPal as I had never used them before (I know shocking) I didn't know if my order went through or not but a quick email later Chelsey had replied and I knew all was well

I brought the following 3 scents. Number 3 Amber and Lavender, Number 7 Latte and Number 11 Gooseberry and Elderflower. I also got sent a tea light candle with the scent Green Tea & Lemon. I  did ask what the top selling scents are and they are as followed  Gooseberry and Elderflower, Green Tea and Lemon and finally Freshly Cut Grass. Each small candle are hand poured soy candles which burn for around 15 hours each.

Number 3 Amber and Lavender

I'm not a fan of lavender normally, it's so strong. However this is my favourite candle out of them all, I fell in love with scent when I smelt it at the bloggers meet. Think sexy man in a jar. BEAUtiful. I'm no scent connoisseur but I'm guessing it's the amber that turns the lavender into some sort of saucy minx I got a bit excited and have almost finish burning this one before I even took photos. It is that good!

Number 7 Latte

Ok, this one I shouldn't of purchased. Not because it doesn't smell amazing, the other half can not stand the smell of coffee, he hates the fact I drink enough of it our kirchen smells like a coffee shop let alone when our lounge does to. I have to burn this when he's at work, The scent of this is pretty self explanitory, sweet lattes. All coffee lovers will  appreciate this

Number 11 Gooseberry & Elderflower
I picked this one up as it is one of their best sellers so I was totally enticed to buy this one as I thought as it's a best seller it must be good! I'm telling you all these people are right, smells divine and I kinda want to eat it, is that weird? This candle is very sweet though so if you don't like sweet scents I wouldn't recommenced this! I've read on the website this is sweetened with sugar and dried fruit so guess that's why but it's so amazing can't wait to start burning this little beauty!

One last thing for this post which is redic in length, the guys at Chelsea Candles are very green focused, everything is 100% recyclable and the little glass jars are reusable for what ever you want. I'm gonna fill it with some sort of beauty related item I think!

C x