Glossy Box August Edition : Update

Ola beautiful amigos! I've had a good few weeks using everything that came in this months box. I didn't do a first thoughts as I have ended my maternity early so now trying to juggle working, blogging and being a mumma. I haven't got the balance right yet but someday I will. So this month we are jumping right into the good stuff.

Make Up Academy 
Hall of Fame Eyeshadow Palette
MUA is one of my fav drugstore brand. They are cheap AF and offer such high quality and pigmentation for the price. You get 12 decent sized shadows in here so what's that, like 33p each? So even if you get some dodgy shades you can't really complain. This month you got to choose what palette you got out of their 4 best sellers, me being me I didn't pick one and got sent the ''Hall of Fame' palette, luckily as I don't actually own this one. Which is surprising as it is basically a palette I would make a bee line too as the colours just scream at me. Neutrals holla at me! This is made up of all MUA's best shades from all their palettes, so I do own a couple of shades but they are nice so you can never have too many. These blend like a dream and are so smooth and creamy. The only downside I have with MUA shadows is some of them do crease so you do need a base however I have oily lids which you can see all my veins through so use one daily anyway
Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask
Holy shit. I did not read the price of this before typing this. I bloody love this too. It makes me wanna cry. It does work so if you have the money it is worth purchasing but for me it is just not something I am going to be picking up anytime soon. It is made up of natural ingredients so it is powerful but still gentle enough on the skin. Again with using some strong acne treatment for the doctor I am really struggling with products burning the skin and this doesn't. I was imedietly drawn to this in the box when it says 'refines and tightens pores' oh hello. I use this just on my T-Zone where I have blackhead prone skin and also where my bloody huge pores are. Hello pore-asaurous Rex

Spa To You 
Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush
Want to know something annoying. I just brought a similar brush to this like a month or so ago. This one I don't know if I like. It is so rough which makes sense with it being a deep pore brush but with it being described as having 'silky soft bristles' I would expect it to bit gentle. I got the shock of my life in the shower when I used it I was honestly expecting a nice little soft brush with massaging silicon bristle but instead I just had a bit of sand paper rubbing all over my face. Okay it wasn't that bad but I am going to just use this every couple of days when I exfoliate as this would be perfect for that. Just too rough for my skin for every day use but hey, that's just me!

Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion
I have tried a fair few products from Cowshead and I have to say, I really do enjoy their stuff. Although I don't like all their names, their hand cream is called Cow Pat and I just don't like that but nothing against the actually hand cream! So this is a diddy little bottle to get a good feel for the body lotion as you only get about 1 and a half applications. Could be because I'm a big mumma but still. It smells so nice and doesn't feel greasy on the skin, bonus. 

Rae Feather
Mini Monogram Pochette
This has been designed exclusively for GlossyBox and it is soo pretty. I don't know what I'm going to use it for though, I have a million and one of these type things. I think I'm gonna give it to my mumma bear so it goes to a good home and can be loved like it should!

C x