Glossy Box July : Updates

Ola beautiful amigos! I have to say July's Glossybox is shit hot. Such a winner in my eyes, I have loved everything apart from one item which was just neither here nor there but still not a bad product and I have used it daily

Soft & Gentle
Hair Minimise Antiperspirant

This is the neither here nor there product. It works well which is what I was expecting, kept me dry and I didn't smell at the end of the day winner! The only reason this was a 'meh' product is because it works like every other antiperspirant I have tried. Big however now!! It's meant to minimise hair in 8 weeks and I've used this about a month so I'm gonna buy another one and see if I can notice a difference in the bushes under the arms. If I can well I'll be raving about this but until next time.....

Icona Milano
Emotion Allowed Mascara

Ok this I loved, not for the length or volume - I got neither, but this is the perfect your lashes but better mascara for when it's hot and you don't want a cake face. Although still guilty of the cake face sitch. Luckily in true Britain fashion in July we have had a heatwave and the torrential rain. What better weather to try this out and I can safely safe. Bye bye panda eyes 

Blank Canvas
F20 Flat Brush 

This. Just this. It is so good! It has officially made it into my every day make up brushes! I don't normally use bushes for my foundation as I always seem to get the dreaded lines! I'm more of a Beauty Blender type of gal. This though. Just this. Changed my life! It buffs the product into your skin so beautifully. Like seriously. Love it. 

Utan & Tone 
Nourishing Night Creme

Shock horror. I love this so much and can't wait to use it again! I had to stop using this for a while only because I have some shit hot spot treatment from the doctors which means using this cream burnt like a mother F. I'm gonna be reaching for this straight away one I've finished the course of treatment so I can smother myself in this gloriousness of cream the still smells so good


De-tangle Brush 

It ain't no Tangle Teezer but still this ain't to shabby. I've just kept this in my bag for when I'm out and about and it takes any knots you might get from the wind! I've also tried this once I got out the shower and low and behold, tangle free. The only reason I say this isn't quite on par with my beloved Tangle Teezer is because it just takes a little longer to use and get your hair completely knot free. You get there in the end though!

C x