Food is Food

Ola beautifuls I'm here today with a rant. The ancient 'breast is best' theory should by now be dead and buried but it's not. Apparently in 2016 we can accept people choices and still living in the Stone Age.

A recent visit to Boots prompted me to vent my frustrations here as I had a voucher for £5 off when you spend £20 or something along them lines. The cashier scanned the coupon and it didn't work, granted I should of read the T&C's but does anyone?! Well she proceeded to tell me I can't use the voucher for baby milk up to 6 months. Alright then that's fair enough, what's not fair is what happened after. 'The government want you to breast feed that's why you can't use the voucher' Excuse me?!?! In a world of numbers the government want women to breastfeed to hit targets?! Regardless of what the mothers wants to do?

If you breastfeed fair play to you, but if we choose not to are we less of a mother as we are slacking on the numbers front for hitting targets?!?! So what if I feed my little man from a tub. It's all good at the end of the day and as long as he is thriving as he should why shouldn't women do what's right for them?

I didn't even attempt breastfeeding it wasn't for me and I knew that, the tablets I was on when I gave birth meant I couldn't even if I wanted to.

I was in hospital for a week in a little ward for babies that needed a little extra help. All our precious little cargos were not well enough to go into the 'normal' ward and too well for NICU, there were 4 of us on this little ward and obviously they're was a clear sense of stress throughout. All our bubs had arrived safely just not as straight forward as we wanted.

In an already stressful situation did I want to add the extra pressure of trying to breastfeed when exhausted and only being able to hold little man for about 20 minutes every three hours?!. In those precious 1200 seconds I would have to establish a bond, hope little man latches and finally hope he's managed to eat enough. Then once those seconds are up I would have another 3 hours of worry that he's starving.

Did I want to in a already fragile state of mind want to hate my little mans first day of life because I had to what the government say?

I was on some pretty strong medication, so would the government like me to pump my tiny 5 pounder baby with drugs that help me but would harm him just so they could hit bloody targets?!

How do you think a new mother feels when they can't do what the government deems right or make the decision to formula feed? Do you think they are less of a woman? Less of a mother?

There is already a lack of support in the world, why must people always try and drag them down in every aspect of life?

Surely as long as your little ones are being loved why do people care about how they are eating? My little one has problems with his belly and has done since birth, we need to get a specific milk. That milk is the best for him and guess what. He hasn't dropped any weight and is pretty damn amazing.

It's 2016 guys, hell it's near enough 2017, lets support one another for however YOU deem fit for YOUR child when it's YOUR choice

At the end of the day, food is food

C x