Glossy Box September Edition : First Thoughts

Ola Beautiful Amigos, everyone diddlin' good? I'm finally here with my Glossy Box first thoughts. If you follow me Snapchat you would of already seen me unbox this as I kinda daily vlog, if you haven't you should deffo give me an add Chels_itct to see how mundane my life actually is ha! Or in other words see my snaps of food and wine.

Gosh Cosmetics
Long Lasting Lip Marker 
Colour - 005 Soft Rose

Mate, I haven't used GOSH cosmetics in years, I'm sure I had this many moons ago but could be wrong. I remember these back in my skiving days school days of lots and lots of learning. Not a bloody clue about life but hey I'm shit hot at algebra. Yeah I know what you are X & Y! This is such a pretty pink colour and is subtle so can wear it daily to work. One thing I will say this smells, smells of sweets though, I think? It reminds me of those candy necklaces and watches you got when you were little, does anyone remember them

Too Faced 
Better than Sex Mascara

I loves me a cheeky little name, but is it better than sex?! Naaa but it's a bloody amazing mascara which I love and have loved since came out and I'm sure you, your next door neighbour and even their auntie knows about this. I like the hour glass shape as I feel it can get to every lash and really separate them and get that little curl thang going on.

Smokey Eye Pen
Colour - Black

I may have 100 pencil eyeliners in every colour known to man but I will always go back to a simple black. I just love tight lining with a black. The name is slightly misleading, it's a pencil. It's a Smokey Eye Pencil not pen! This has a gel texture to it and it's just so buttery. It should glide onto the eye like a dream and hopefully not tug away 

Hydro Face Mask

Sheet masks have been a recent love of mine, I use them weekly and I am pretty sure there is a sheet mask for everything now a days. I have mentioned about my skin type many a times the latest time being here so anything to help out a friend in need I'm all over it. This  however, this little bad boy is a gel mask! Heard of them? Yeah me neither! Obviously have't use it yet but mate, it claims to hydrate for 120 hours!! 

Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

I will be straight up honest here. I will be giving this to my mum. You all know my nails are non existent and I wear fakes so this is pointless, as it just wont get used for god knows how long. My mum however does paint her nails so this would be perfect for her. It's meant to give you a gel like shine and make your nails chip proof so I shall check in with my mum!

The Body Shop
Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

I love using charcoal base products for my face, I just seem to feel it really helps draw out all the impurities around my nose which is prone to them bloody blackheads and my pores which just want to be as annoying. I'm guessing this is a brucey bonus as this isn't actually on the card. This has glowing reviews (no pun intended) online and all of them say it helps acne prone skin, hello! It also is meant to be tingly, I loves me tingly face masks so I am going to see how well this works, like right now so on that note, ciao 

Quick swatch for you guys

C x