Oil* for oily skin? - review

Ok beautiful amigos bet you read the title and was like oh hell no. Yeah I was too. Do I really want to put oil on my skin you know the acne prone oil-rific skin?! I was like nuna sorry not for me, that was until I read in to jojoba oil. According to Dr Google it can help oily acne prone skin so I though why shouldn't I try it

The guys over at Eden's Semilla kindly got this bottle out to me and two words. Love it. I'm on some pretty hardcore prescription acne treatment and holy shit. It burns. It is like literally stripping my skin off layer by layer so trying to put moisturiser on is a nightmare as it just blatantly hurts. I can't get ready in a timely manner as I have to wait for the streams out my eyes to stop its that bad. That being said I tried this as a moisture and hallelujah!! No burning?! It's like heaven on my skin so even if it did help control oil it was already staying put as long as it didn't produce more.

So more about the bottle because why not. I love that it's glass and came with two different tops, the first was just your bog standard plastic top which you can just turn the bottle upside down and get some of the product, you know like the Olbas Oil tops. You get me? It also came with a dropper which what went straight in. And in true bag blogger standard forgot to take a photo of the standard top, it went straight into the bin. With the dropper you get the exact amount of product you want. 

I'm new to the oils and serums about. Growing up I was the worst person for skin care, suffering with severe acne I never wanted to put extra skin products on in case it made the problem worst. To be fair, 99% of the time it did make the sitc worse, I never found the right product as obviously when I did pluck up the courage to try something it didn't go to plan. I did a bit of research into Jojoba Oil before I smothered it on my face and there is like a million and one claims of what the product can do for skin, hair and nails. 

I wear falsies or have acrylics so using the oil on my nails is just non existent at the moment so I have no opinions on that but feels nice on the skin so I would presume it would be nice massaging this into your nails. 

I use this mainly on my face. I read online that it can help control oil I thought straight away yeah right it also has antibacterial properties and so it seems amazing for oil acne prone skin. I use it after cleansing and use about 3 drops and massage it into the T-Zone then any left over I just put on my cheeks. I do this at night as I've still not conquered my fear of using oil in the day. After a few days I did notice I was blotting my face less. Mate the oil is helping control my oil can you bloody believe it?!

I have also noticed I am getting less breakouts, don't get me wrong I still have some especially those hormonal breakouts around my mouth and chin and I honestly think I will always have them and I'm just gonna have to live with that but on my cheeks and forehead I haven't really had my normal break outs just one or two here and there so that is a huge improvement, 

I have just started using this on my hair too! I warm a few drops up in my hand and run through the ends of my hair as it is sooooo damaged. It's been dyed and bleached a hell of a lot the past few years as I always have some version of red in my hair which you all know is high maintenance AF. Using this has made the ends of my hair so soft and smooth they don't look like they are dying on me anymore! Well my hair is still brittle I am just so reluctant to cut it all off, I don't do short hair. Using this has made a difference and I think I can get away without going to the hairdressers for a little longer!

This is amazing for an oil, I honestly wouldn't of picked it up if I was just wondering around shops, I would of been 'Oh hell no' I'm so glad this was sent over to me as it has officially made it into my evening skin care routine and it is now officially going to be a repurchase! 

I find it absorbs so quickly and easy into the skin it really is a nice quick easy step. A little goes a long way and then some so this bottle is such a generous size for the price. It currently costs £9.95 for 60ml. So I mean it's not small and will last for ages, I have had this about a month and barely made a dent in it! You can go find all Eden's Semilla over on Amazon so go check them out!

C x

* Although the Jojoba Oil has been sent to me, it hasn't influenced my views or opinions. It's shit hot