Stampin' Up! Card Making *

Ola beautiful amigos, I am trying my hardest to become creative as I know I'm gonna have to compete with Mister Maker when little mans older. I am completely useless and my creativity spans about as far as my thumb. A bit of background on that, I have ridiculously little thumbs that everyone takes the mick out of

We all know little man is going to want one of them birthday cards on Tiny Pop. So I better start learning how to make cards now then!

I had an email from the lovely guys over at Stampin' Up! to see if I fancied their 'Oh Happy Days'' kit, umm of course! Bet you guys have that song stuck in your head too. Oh happy daysssss anyway in true Chels fashion getting side tracked I had a look at the kit and though, yeah I can do this!

I got the kit in this cutest little cardboard box and it comes with everything you need inside! It is a perfect all in one for beginners in card making 

I was following the little instructions which although basic and just basically numbered, they are really easy to follow 

It was really enjoyable and the other half even got involved although he went rouge with the instructions! He isn't a creative little monkey either so it was really nice for us to sit down and do it together. Turns out his is pretty good though!

One point I need to mention is you should practice your stamping technique before you dive straight in as I didn't and as you can see from my photos they could be better but definitely not bad for a newbie like me! I can definitely see me doing this more often

The kit retails for only £31.50 which isn't too bad once you consider what in the whole kit which includes acrylic stamping block, various stamps, envelopes, die cuts the lot! 

Stampin' Up! is an international brand so everyone can get involved! I am loving the look of their Christmas kits, they look absolutely beautiful

You can check out all their kits here

C x 

*This was sent to me as a PR sample however that hasn't influenced my thoughts or opinions in any way