Glossybox October Edition : Update

Ola beautiful amigos! I have slacked on this months blog posts but hey I have been on my first family holiday but more on that in a later post. I just didn't have time to do a first thoughts but I can do an update as I've been using these since I've got them! Straight up on of the best boxes I have had in a while. The guys over at Glossybox partnered with the beautiful Estee Lalonde for this box which is all about discovering and rediscovering products. Who doesn't like that eh?

On a side note I have recently got a new camera so photos are a bit meh, still trying to get used to the settings!

New Beauty Shampoo
Head & Shoulders

If you guys follow me on Snap, you would of seen me open my box smell this and say 'Yeah that is Head & Shoulders' Fast forward 2 weeks later, the big reveal, it is in fact *drum roll please* Head & Shoulders. I love this stuff, you may or may not know, I can't remember if I have ever mentioned it on my blog?! I suffer psoriasis, my main flare ups on my body used to occur when I had tonsillitis! Random I know. I've since had those bad boys removed so I don't have that issue so much any more but I have always had flare ups on my scalp. I don't really use much else on my hair for this reason. 99% of the time I give any shampoo's away just because the cause more irritation than it's worth. I'm only brave about 2% of the time to try something new that touches my scalp and it pretty much causes so much irritation I will scratch my head until it bleeds! Although I will admit I am an avid hair dyer so that is enough irritation for a few months. I was so sure the was Head & Shoulder I used this straight away as it is the shampoo I use daily (bad I know but hello grease ball) and guess what no irritation and it was announced it was the good ol' H&S. This leaves my hair feeling so fresh and clean but also super soft to touch and I also find it really detangles

Trifle Cosmetics
Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream
Colour - Exotic Fruits

I have never tried Trifle Cosmetics before! I haven't actually even heard of them before! After reading up on this beauty I have no idea why I haven't searched for it before. I will be honest I am not a fan of the packaging, yes it's cute with all the exotic fruit however with it  being cardboard mine will just get dirty really easy when I throw it in my make up bag. That aside the product itself makes up for the packaging it's a lip treatment and lipstick combined Woohoo. This is packed full of every moisturising ingredient needed for the winter combined with the most beautiful nude shade perfect for everyday wear however as you can see mine arrived broke so I haven't been able to test it out for the wear time and that! Massive shout out to the guys at Glossybox who are sending me a replacement, their customer service is on point

Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse OR

Hello cult product right? I swear everyone and their mum who is into beauty have had a bottle of this at some point. Not only does this moisturise and hydrate the skin it leaves the most beautiful sheen. Not like hello disco ball getting on up on my shoulders but a really healthy oh hello. I am pretty sure this looks amazing on every skin tone possible and it is just so gorgeous smells good too! I would love to use this daily to give my dull help me my child has decided not to sleep skin a nice pick me up but I just can afford it. Well I could but I have a habit of picking something up for little man instead so gonna be using this for special occasions just so it feels even more luxurious!

Universal Beauty Cosmetics
Secret Flush Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo
I am trying to figure out if this is in shade #1 Heart or shade #4 Nectar either way it is a lovely shade. I am not entirely sure on cream products as I am just so oily so I am trying to love this but I have just never been a fan. To be honest this will most likely be used as a giant tube of lipstick however in the winter when it is a bit colder as my skin might be less oily. Here's to wishful thinking! I will keep you updated on Snap about this as I might get a chance to use it to its full potential. Smells so good though, I can't figure out of what though, me and my mum are thinking strawberries

Bee Good
Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

After using a few Bee Good products I have come to the conclusion I like their products, I like their brand. This being no different. I use an exfoliator a couple of times a week, it's really important to remove all the dead skin. I love how this is a product that everyone can use no matter what skin type you have! If you have problematic like me this is one of the most perfect exfoliators you can try, not only does it shift those dead skin cells it also soothes and moisturises at the same time unlike some of those exfofliators that make you look like Two Face. Shout out to the Batman fans who got the reference

Mattifying Primer

I have seen that having some Primark beauty products in this months Glossybox has been a little bit controversial, however I did take their online survey and said I would like to see it in the box every now again. The main reason being I overlook their beauty products so wouldn't try them otherwise. The fact I have been sent the mattifying primer really makes me think they have taken my skin type into consideration as I have seen people getting an illuminating primer which obviously wouldn't work for me. This does make me matte I can not deny that however it doesn't last all day, touch ups are needed. Basically it ain't no Porefessional but hey nothing can compare to that I think, but for short days and basic errands running this is perfect. I love the gel like texture to this primer

Did you get this months Glossybox?! What are you favs!?

C x