Glossybox September Edition : Update

Ola Beautiful Amigos, I'm like super late to update you guys on this beaut. This month was a bit hmmm. Especially the first thing I'm gonna talk about! I'm stumped with it

Gosh Cosmetics
Long Lasting Lip Marker 
Colour - 005 Soft Rose

What is this?! Seriously, this swatches beautifully but when you try and wack it on your lips NOTHING shows up. I actually think I've been sent a dud. I can not even find this available to purchase. Like I have seen the Lip Markers about but not the shade I have. Not even on the GOSH website direct. They do have a berry shade that looks lush and I wish I had that one but I don't. This one is rubbish! Have any of you beauts seen this shade about? Am I just being stupid?

Too Faced 
Better than Sex Mascara

Best. Mascara. Ever.
I have always loved this mascara since it was first released into the beauty world. I adore the hour glass shape wand and it just catches every lash I have, even those little ones that just casually chill on the outside corner which I seem to forever miss. This lasts all day and night but unlike the Benefit they're real it is so much easier to remove at the end of the evening!

Smokey Eye Pen
Colour - Black

I have mixed feeling about this. I was dying to love this product but it just didn't perform how I wanted to. I have such high expectations eyeliners barely any of them make the cut. I want the blackest black on my water line as I am a tight line feen. I love it and pretty much feel naked when I have a full face of make up and no black liner. This felt so creamy and smooth just like butter when I swatched it on my hand, once I put it on my eye though it just wasn't the same. The pigmentation just wasn't there. Gutted. I wont be rushing out to buy this once it's gone but I am just fussy AF so you guys may like it but for me it's just meh.

Hydro Face Mask

This was so weird! As it was a gel mask rather than your traditional sheet. Note to self, this will scare you baby if you go check they're ok. This was hydrating, I can't say it lasted the whole 120 hours as obviously I have still been using all my moisturisers daily but as I said it was definitely hydrating when I used it and my skin did feel lush after using it.

Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

So I gave this to my mumma as you all know I have horrendous nails and I always have falsies on which 99% of the time are the ones which already have a design/polish on. My mumma however is graced with nails you can actually get a nail polish brush on, yes mine are that bad I can't actually do that! However I have heard through the grapevine, mumma loved this. It dries fairly quickly and has made her polish last over a week! 

The Body Shop
Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

I used this the night before I had to go to an award ceremony in the Big Smoke and oh my days my skin felt so good after this! I am so glad it was the charcoal mask as it really helped clear my pores out and made them look tighter. My skin felt that good I kept getting B to come over and stoke my face. I know that''s bad but seriously it felt on fleek. I am waiting for pay day to purchase this. In love

C x