Recently Watched

Oh howdy! How you diddlin'? It is officially fall/autumn what ever you want to call it, it is happening and it is here which means one thing. It's the season of binge watching TV with a bowl full of crap which ain't doing nothing to your waistline and in my case a glass or two of wine. Best thing about it is no one can say a thing as we all know they are doing the same and it is totally acceptable. And you know what, I'm okay with that! 

So what have I been watching......

Sex and the City Seasons 1-6 Films 1 & 2
Ok so this, just this. I love SATC, it really makes me want to go back to the Big Apple! I kinda wish those guys were real and they were my friends. I can binge watch this forever and was so upset when I had finished the seasons I had to dig out the films, and when they were finished I even resulted in Googling SATC 3! It doesn't exist. I died a little.

Silicon Valley - Season 1-3
Me and B don't have any sort of cable, we have a Now TV box and I cannot recommend it enough! It is so much cheaper and has so many box sets to watch! I mean we paid £25 for 6 months and got the entertainment package. You can't complain at that! So yeah we came across this beaut of a show. It is about a group of tech geniuses that live in...... You guessed it Silicon Valley. They create some sort of compression technology which I still after 3 seasons don't understand but it is hilarious. It is so bloody random, I mean at one point some one has some magic mushrooms and returns with a Mexican kid! Just so funny and random and highly recommend it! It is something me and B really enjoy and he isn't exactly chuckles so I was surprised when we both found it funny. To top it off there is going to be a 4th season. Result

Ballers - Season 1-2
Now this is just pure American TV, based on US Footballers and bankers who all like to flash the cash and live it up in Miami. I love the fact this show is the perfect mix of comedy and seriousness, to me it leans more on the funny side which is why I find it perfect! Just don't mention the fun house! And ladies, Dwayne Johnson is the lead man so I'm a just gonna leave that there for you.....

The Apprentice - Season 12 
I love, love, love this show! So much. Every Thursday me and B sit down to watch this. Not gonna lie though this years candidates have the be the dumbest ever?! Ok I admit that is a little mean but seriously, watching them I wouldn't want to go into business with them if they paid me, let alone invest my own money!

What do you guys love to binge on?! We're gonna start watching The Walking Dead again soon! Stopped when little man was born in case the noises freaked him out!

Waiting for you recommendations like....

C x