Serious Serums*

Ola beautiful amigos! I am really loving skin care lately and have two new products to talk about today! I have been sent some more products from the guys over at Eden Semilla who kindly sent me their jojoba oil to try out! You can find out what I thought about that here. This time round I have got 2 serums to try out 

I am new to the serum world, yes I know I have been living under a rock no need to tell me! Anyway I have been kindly given their two serum they currently offer. Hyaluronic Acid Serum & their Vitamin C Serum. 

Now if you aren't sure who Eden Semilla are, they are a skin care company which I believe are fairly new to the UK market - don't quote me on that mind! I know they are a pretty well known deal of the other side of the pond, or you know over 3000 miles of vast deep water, how ever you wanna put it! 

Anyway back to the good stuff, you all know by now as I rant about it enough, I have really bad oily acne prone skin so I am a little hesitant with new products, however with the jojoba oil working well for me I didn't have to think twice about using these beauties

I have found using them together one in the morning and one at night I have achieved the best results. I have had these a little while now and still loving them! So lets look at them a little more aye? Let's be honest that's why your're all here

Vitamin C Serum 

First up with have this little beauty, now don't be fooled into thinking this is just a vitamin C serum, it is packed full of a whole load of other goodies. It also includes hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin E, rosehip and jojoba oil blend. So this little bottle has a powerful punch with all that going on. So on the box it states this has proven results and yeah I can now officially vouch for that. 

This is a really runny light consistency so I use this in the morning as no one like thick and heavy skin care products in the morning, especially if you are going to be wearing make up, ain't nobody got time for that. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

This also has some similar ingredients as the above, once again it contains vitamin E and retinol although this time it has some vitamin C, aloe vera and shea extract. So the are both really similar ingredient wise. 

This is a much thicker consistency and although it absorbs quickly it does kinda leave a sticky residue on your face, well mine any way but with a new night cream I am trying out the stickiness goes immediately so I can't complain, it's not like I am getting stuck to my pillow cases each night. 

So both of these can help achieve the same outcome when skin is involved. Anti ageing and hydration, and I am talking so much hydration you'll be surprised you're skin doesn't dissolve in all this hydration goodness. Trust, your skin will love you! Mine has definitely starting to change it's feeling about me and decided to show me some love that it has been hiding from me in the past few years.

At 24 I have far to many fine lines that I care to admit, Hello denial. And don't even get me started on the deep frown lines!  It is horrendous, I hate them, no I despise them invading my forehead. What are they playing at seriously

Using both these serums I have seen a huge difference in my skin especially to the top third. My eyes appear to be firmer and my fine lines are almost no more! My under eye concealer is no longer crease and sink into all them damn lines. Hallelujah! No matter what primer I seemed to use, it would also sink into them bloody lines so now I'm treating the problem rather than just hiding it! 

My forehead although still adding like 10 years to me the lines are still there but not as deep! They do look like they've been plumped out so with that and my eyes looking firmer I am completely and totally besotted with these two together! 

My skins appearance as a whole looks so much smoother and the texture has improved massively! Like so much people have even noticed! Even though my skin is oily, unless you lock that moisture in your skin is going to keep producing more and more oil until it feels satisfied. So don't shy away from products promoting moisture! 

On another note I am in love with the glass bottles, they always look more elegant on a night stand or in my case a cabinet I made when I was 16 and still going strong! Another feature I love is the fact you can't just unscrew the tops, they are like the child locks you get where you have to push them down then twist which means less spillage wheyy!!

I will be honest I have only used these products together so would recommend getting both of these, if you did just wanna pick one up on Amazon, I would suggest going with what texture you would prefer as obviously one is a thinner consistency and absorbs super quick and the other a lot thinker and leaves a sticky film on your skin so you can't really just not apply moisturiser

C x

* Although these were sent to me for review purposes, it has not influence my opinions and views in any way