Blogging One Year On

Hey guys, I'm here today with my thoughts about blogging after a year of it. I am still relatively new to the scene, even after a year as to be honest, I have no bloody clue what I am still doing.

I am in awe of people who have made their blogs so successful in the space of a few months. Seriously, how?! It's amazing and one day I hope this blog will be just as successful! I'm not talking making a career change (however nice that may be), I'm talking about more readers and people returning to find out more.

So here is a brief background of In The City Today. It started on a cold November day as In The City Beauty. I was pretty ill through pregnancy and my anxiety had hit an all time high. Mr B was the one who persuaded me to start my blog as an escape outlet. Plus, he was sick of me talking to him about a lipstick, he thinks they are all red! After a month or so, escaping to my little slice of the internet was helping my anxiety and I decided I wanted to talk about more than just make up I had other passions. So I changed my blog name from Beauty to Today. You can read all about it here

I feel like lately I have just been trying to churn out posts which I will be honest, I haven't put my heart and soul in and you can tell just by reading them. I started writing blogmas posts, but gave up they were, well they were basically shit. Not me. You could just tell I was putting posts up just because. My anxiety is creeping back up on me and I turned back to my outlet and seen what utter rubbish I had been putting up!

I have a fair few readers each month and I feel like I am letting them down by just putting out crap I wouldn't even want to read. That really needs to change.

I've taken a step back the past week and went through all my posts due to go up and put a halt to them. I have deleted my mindless dribble of what I called Blogmas and just starting afresh with a bit more knowledge. I have even learnt about SEO! Which is a start, don't have a clue about HTML's but hey, it will all come in time.

I have a new camera I am trying to get to grips with so I can improve my photos skills, not just my writing. I couldn't believe how bad my grammar had been either.

Although I may of changed my name away from beauty, I still tend to only write about it when if I'm honest, travel is my first love. I have built an amazing career in travel and want to share where I have been and my experiences. Yes, I will still be writing about anything and everything but I will be bringing more travel related posts in the near future.

So after a life changing 2016 and many blogging cliche's, 2017 is going to my year where I get my shit together and bring you guys more interesting and engaging content.