Getting Christmas Party Ready*

I have to admit I am 'that' person at the works Christmas party. You know the one that has far too much wine and is almost falling asleep in the corner after chowing down on a Dominos pizza with no shame or guilt and then to top it off I wake up the next day with my makeup still slapped all over my face with my lashes surprisingly snug.

For me, there is a build up to the office Christmas party! You have the skin care, you have the tan and of course the makeup! Now I am just going to leave this little disclaimer here. I am by no means any good at makeup, my blending leaves much to be desired and yes, I am aware my eyebrow game is nonexistent. I wish my skills were Instagram worthy but they aren't. I just want to showcase some beautiful lashes that I have been sent by Threads Beauty*, they are just to die for and would be perfect for the season of being jolly and eating too much.

Stanard Snapchat filter
I have far too much makeup in my collection than I care to admit and when I was browsing I came across a Mac pigment I haven't used in what seems like forever! The Mac Rose pigment, it's just so beautiful I need to use it for Christmas. Also if you pair it with the shades in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it is a match made in heaven. We all know rose gold is life. It was a pefect colour to match with such a bold lash.

I've used the Mac pigment in the shade rose all over the lid then went in with the Urban Decay Naked 3 to finish it up. Nooner was used in the crease to blend the pigment out and then blackheart in the outer v. Finished off with a thick wing black eyeliner. I used a mix of the Kiko Deep Black Eye Marker & Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I went back in with the shade strange from the Naked 3 palette to highlight the inner corner and browbone.

The star of the show, however, is hands down the Treads Beauty Angel Eye Lashes. They are just so, amazingly beautiful. Now these as you can tell are not for the everyday look, well at least not for me. If you rock the every day full on glam look, love it. Wish I could but with a baby in tow, that's not happening for the next three years.

I honestly think these lashes are the thickest and longest lashes I have ever worn and let me tell you, I have ever worn. 

Threads lashes are all handmade and reusable, the quality is unreal. I have found it is pretty hard to get the quality of lashes right, but these guys have got it spot on. They will clearly be making their way into my eyelash collection. 

Threads are all about the eyes, which to me as I have always struggled with skin issues, it what I have always focused on so this is a brand after my own heart! 

They are easy to apply in 4 simple steps, ABC. It's as easy as 123. Sorry not sorry that had to be done! So to apply these beautiful lashes all you need to do is the following
 1) Cut lashes if required 
2) Apply the latex & fragrance free glue 
3) Wait until the glue is tacky 
4) Finish off your look 

The whole lash process takes less than 5 minutes so what are you waiting for! They are going to be launching a Luxe range of lashes on Falseeyelashes.co.uk soon which I can not wait to try out. I want to try out the whole range of them, they are so easy to work with and hug your lashline.

Dodgy close up anyone?
Removing these were just as easy as applying them. I had been worried that the fact the glue had held up so well throughout, it was going to get stuck in my own lashes and be a nightmare to get off. With my everyday skin care routine, I managed to get the majority of the glue left on my lashes off with Garnier Micellar Water and the rest with an oil based cleanser.

Let me know if you try any of Thread lashes out & what your current favorites are!

*Some of the products included in this post has been sent as PR samples, however, all views are my own