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Hey beauties! If you're like me I am a sucker for online shopping, the convenient the better. More now than ever after little man graced us with his presence. Well actually even before then when I was pregnant. I was pretty damn ill and couldn't really leave the house much so online shopping was a saviour. I have been speaking to a lovely person over at chemist.co.uk who asked me if I wanted to purchase some things of their site and write a review. I had a look around the site and thought their site does tie into what I write about and my readers so I went ahead and made a purchase. 

Guys, please bear with me as I still haven't quite got the hang of my new camera so photos should be improving post to post!

They offered me a discount code so I could actually experience the delivery time etc. Yes it is nice being sent items, however if you don't get them sent like full paying customers, you can not comment on delivery speed! It really grinds my gears seeing reviews where you have been sent items in a different way than to paying customers

I know you guys would of seen all this stuff on Snapchat, if you haven't grab you phone and get adding Chels_itct where you can check out what I am doing day to day. Sorry not sorry. #ShamlessPlug. I'm gonna link everything down below, then it will be featured in future posts so I'll let you know in more depth about the products!

So first up the website. I love it! It is easy to navigate and literally has all your pharmacy needs. You are coming up to flu season people, get prepared for it! So yeah side tracked Chelsey yet again! If you are a mumma, papa, make up, fragrance lover or all round need to stock up on health and first aid supplies this is your one stop shop! You get free shipping when you spend £45 and believe me you get a lot of bang for your buck. Trust me! 

I do have one issue with the site though which in my option is very annoying and could be looked at. I ordered a Clinique pore refining kit which cost around £13 and it was out of stock. It didn't say this when I was trying to order and only found out when my items were being dispatched. Although it wasn't break the bank prices it is highly annoying as if I would of known I could of chose something else such as a couple more concealers or false eyelashes which would make perfect stocking stuffers. 

I brought quite a bit here so your money does stretch, perfect for this time of year. When I was looking at what to purchase I was trying to think of everyone who would benefit knowing about that site but at the same time stick within my blog theme as, lets be honest. I am not going to be writing about children's vitamins when my bear is only 8 months old! So I have had a few thoughts and to pre warn you guys, you will be hearing Chemist.co.uk mentioned a few times in the next coming weeks.

I ordered my items on Friday the 28th October, I remember that as it was my birthday an I wasn't doing anything so really loved taking the time to do a bit of shopping! Who wouldn't, right?! 

On the Monday I received an email stating my items have been dispatched but one of my items was no longer in stock. I have checked since and it has been completely taken off the website which makes me even more annoyed about it. I'm not going to lie, I personally feel this product was in the process of being removed from the site but my order went in before the IT guys, I could be wrong but that is how I feel about that situation! 

The box was delivered by Hermes on their 48 hour tracked shipping which was sound, nothing worse than ordering items and you can't track them. Hellooooo companies it's 2016 guys. I am just gonna leave that there. 

The box arrived nice and early which considering I am not a morning person getting a box full of goodies does help. It was really securely packed with bubble wrap inside and yes me and little man did spend a good half hour popping it. Pretty sure he didn't know what the hell was going on but his face was worth it 

I had brought powder and liquid products and guess what... nothing had smashed or leaked! I have to say on the liquid products with the pop up type lids were all taped shut which I have never actually seen before with a company but really thinking about it. It is really clever! 

The have a great mix for all interests, I picked up some beauty products, bath products, skin care and baby items. So as you can tell it's a real mix bag! They even have some perfume on there I wanna buy. 

So check out everything below, you'll be shocked at some of their prices and look out for some more detailed reviews soon!

 Tomee Tippee Comfi Neck Bib

C x

* Although these were sent to me for review purposes, it has not influence my opinions and views in any way