This year.....

Oh hey beautiful people! In October I recently turned 25. Quarter of a century! Basically getting old as F. I thought to myself what do I want to achieve this year and hey if I blog it, it means I can always reference back! It will be quite nice to look back next October to see if I have actually managed to achieve it! Here's to next year

[_] Loose at least 3 stone 
[_] Start to work out
[_] Get a promotion at work 
[_] Plan my wedding 
[_] Do something charitable    
[_] See my friends more
[_] Kick my anxiety   
[_] Focus on my blog more         
[_] Learn to swim        
[_] Get another tattoo            
[_] Visit another country         
[_] Read at least a book a month       
[_] Donate blood         
[_] Visit somewhere new in the UK       
[_] Make new friends        
[_] Decorate the house        
[_] Run a 5K         
[_] Learn to cook        
[_] Be a morning person   
[_] Manage my money better     
[_] Start a You Tube channel          
[_] Write a story      
[_] Turn off all social media at 9pm         
[_] Show my family and friends I appreciate them       
[_] Most importantly spend more time together as a family!

Have you guys got anything you want to achieve by your next birthday?! Let me know!

C x