Christmas 2016 Gift Guide

Well Christmas is next week! Can you quite believe that?! Where has 2016 gone exactly? I wasn't organised for Blogmas this year but I did start putting together a few gift guides. While I wasn't planning on putting them all up I decided as I had done the bulk of the work it would be a shame not to do it so here we are.

So grab the mistletoe and get ready to find the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas.

 A one stop shop gift guide for him, her and the tiny humans in your life. I haven't put majorly expensive items on here as I don't have the money to purchase luxe gifts so didn't want to bombard you with lots of items that will literally break the bank, well for for me anyway!

For The Man In Your Life

So you need to buy something for your other half who you love dearly but also secretly want to punch every now and again. If your partners are anything like mine he doesn't need anything and is an absolute nightmare to buy for.
Here are a few items which I think would be perfect for those men who seem to have everything. 

1) Wallet
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They will always need a wallet no matter what so this is a 'safe' bet. They will always need to carry their cards and money with them. I love this Ted Baker one from Very. I love how it is thin and sleek to just slip into a pair of jeans pocket. I am quite the fan of the minimalist design. Does anyone else have the issue of being the official wallet holder as you have a handbag?! There are lots more options here on Very which I have to admit is one of my favourite places to shop right now.

2) Arsenal Stadium Tour
If you're buying something for a football fanatic a stadium tour for their team would be perfect! My other half is a die hard Arsenal fan. He's even got out little boy in the Gunners spirit and he's 9 months! I found this gift idea during work through a company called Do Something Different. It costs £40 for 2 people so is a complete steal and it includes a self guided tour of the Emirates Stadium. You can even make a whole weekend of it and stay down London for a few nights. Check out your local travel agent for more stadium tour idea.

3) Mad Max Anthropology
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Is it even Christmas without a new DVD? I honestly think I've had a new one every year! Well that's a lie it was a VHS when I was little but now it's all gone to Blu Ray! My other half loves a good action film so this is perfect for Christmas. It's got all the action of the men and then Tom Hardy for us ladies, To be honest, this would be a great girft for me!  Warner Bros. has the ultimate selection, whether you’re looking for him, for her, or for festive favourites to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit. You can check them out here

4) Calvin Klein Euphoria Aftershave 
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Ah the classic aftershave! Again I think I have brought my partner one every year as we don't buy any throughout the months. He isn't the biggest aftershave wearer so a bottle does last him the whole year! This one is one of his favourites if not his top scent, I have to admit I am not that adventurous when buying my partner some aftershave. We have the complete polar opposites in taste however I have found this is a classic which is popular with loads of guys out there. There's loads more choice with Debenhams here

5) Craft Beer Delivery Service 
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This subscription box from Flavourly is perfect for any beer lovers. These boxes are basically the male version of our beauty ones, they were feeling left out! That being said if I could drink beer I would love this. This costs around £20 a month so each bottle costs £2! Complete bargain in my opinion and a great way to try lots of different beers you wouldn't normally reach for! 

For The Woman In Your Life

Ok so you have an important Mrs in your life and you want to get her something but stuck for ideas. This is what I would appreciate under my tree and I am sure many others wouldn't mind unwrapping. We all know it is all about the people around the tree rather than what is under it but we all like some nice gifts don't we?

1) Tassimo Multi Drinks Machine
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I do the majority of the night feeds if little man ever needs them, now I am back in work I just have no time in the mornings to do much let alone make me a cup of the sweet stuff. I'm talking abouts you coffee, the little beans of happiness that makes the world go round. I would absolutely love a Tassimo. You just press a button and it's done, it is an adults perfect prep machine. Although you can get the straight up coffee only Tassimos I would love a multi drinks one so I can wack out the teas and hot chocolates too. Perfection.

2) Lady Million Purfume 
Purchase here
I love this purfume, I have loved it since it had been released in the UK and I will continue to love it until the end of time.  I am that person that saviors their perfume, just like I mentioned in the aftershave section I don't by any throughout the year. At Christmas I adore getting a perfume I can use for those special occasions. There is a lot more option for purfume on the Debenhams website here. I love using Debenhams for perfumes and aftershave as they have a really good points system with their Beauty Card. 

3) Mac Times 9 Amber Palette 
Purchase here
I think these Mac palettes are amazing value for money. I already have their burgundy palette and I think any makeup lover would love this amber one. Any skin colour, any hair colour these eyeshadows would suit anyone. They are all soft and buttery and blend like a dream. If you are a fella reading this, that is a good thing and you should go treat your special one to this.

4) Sex And The City Box Set
Purchase here
Ok you guys know how much I love SATC, it was in my recently watched as it popped up on my Now TV boxsets. I would love to actually own the DVD boxset as I can watch it any time of day. It is such a funny series and really makes me wish I had a group of girls like that in my life, there are lots more options here for the best boxset gift ideas, I know chick flicks aren't everyone's thing!

5) Joe Wicks Lean In 15 Book 
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Ok so to some this is a great idea, for others, this would be a hideous present. For me though it would be perfect. If you know we are looking to eat healthier, lose weight and just feel better why not get a good cookbook to help motivate you? I am getting married in 2018 and need lots of motivation to feel good in my wedding dress so for me this is a winning present. There are various books by Joe Wicks about you can see them all here

For The Tiny Human In Your Life

Ok so I became a mum this year and now I have to think about gifts for the tiny humans in my life. Not necessarily just my little man but my friend's children too. So here is a nice mix of gifts which I will be getting for the mini me's in my life.

1) BeatBo 
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This is going to be amazing for my little man. He loves things that are all singing and dancing, this ticks all the boxes. I love the fact you can even record a message and the Beat Bo sings it back to you. I am also fully aware I will regret saying this if little man does get one. I have to admit, Fisher Price do some of my favourite children's toys, you can see more of them here.

2) Scooby-Doo! 6 DVD Christmas Collection 
Purchase here
My best friends little boy will love this! He will have hours of fun watching this. Everyone loves a bit of Scooby-Doo! and to have 6 DVD's worth, your Christmas TV is sorted. This would also be perfect if you are doing a Christmas Eve box! There are lots of other DVD ideas over at HMV,  you can check them out just click here.

3) Big Bird Soft Toy 
Purchase here
Little man loves Sesame Street. It is crazy he could be having one of his moments where he is crying just because, well because he knows you have had no sleep so wants to just cry for the sheer hell of it. Without fail I can put on Sesame Street and all in the world is right again. He loves Big Bird, I mean I am pretty sure he is the most random character on the show but he loves him and they do a cuddly toy of him. I K is good Santa may put him under the tree.

4) Makka Pakka Wobble Toy 
Purchase here
Well hello, hours of fun. I think all babies would love banging this around and watching it wobble around. It would also help with their hand-eye coordination which is a bonus. I have to admit In The Night Garden is actually one children's show I can stand watching, it is perfect for just before bedtime. Argos have lots of different toys here which any In The Night Garden fan would love.

5) Space Saver Jumperoo
Purchase here
Oh my days, I have included this one on here in case you are purchasing the full size version. Don't. This space saver one is perfect, it is a great price but also does the exact same as the full size one. Except with this one you don't have to stub your toe on the ginormous circle that has invaded your front room. I know all babies are different some love jumping some don't, if your little one loves to move all over the place this is going to be perfect for them. 

What are you getting for your loved ones this year?
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