Eden Semilla Vitamin E Oil* Review

I am not going to lie I love this brand. You can read one of my many posts about the products Eden Semilla produce. I have tried out a few of their serums and one of their oils before so when I had the chance to try another oil I jumped at it. I absolutely adore the Jojoba oil, you can read that post here. This one shockingly was no different.
In every skincare post, I mention how I have really got into looking after it this year. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, nor am I over the hill. I am just at the age where it needs a bit of TLC. I normally have no idea what I have been slathering on my face let alone the benefits of it, so this year I have been taking it all in. 

They guys over at Eden Semilla asked if I wanted to try their Vitamin E oil*. I had had a rough idea of the benefits of using Vitamin E oil as it had been in some previous products I have used. I did read up again just to make sure. 

If you were to eat a source of Vitamin E it would help increase your blood flow and strengthen muscles and your heart so just imagine what it can do to your skin in a beautiful oil!

It is highly moisturising, no matter if your skin is dry, oily or combination you really need to hydrate your skin so this oil is perfect for it. You can use it daily but at the moment I am loving using this at night times so I can really let the product soak into my skin and hydrate it cell by cell. 

You may or may not know Vitamin E is used to help reduce the appearance of scars, it is one of the main ingredients in Bio Oil so this oil great for acne scars. I have more than I care to admit but still trying to hide them and cover those little bad boys up. They haven't completely gone but they have definitely been reduced.

Eden Semillia has produced an oil with a great mix of other skin loving ingredients such as Rosehip & Jojoba Oil. It has helped make my skin look like it is glowing more. Now I am aware I am oily and blotting tissues are my best friend so looking more luminous is not what us oily girls go for. This though makes your skin just look healthy rather than more oily. Yes, I still need my blotting tissues and my matte face powder for makeup touch-ups throughout the day, but my skin does just look healthier. 

I have been using this now for a little under a month and my makeup is going on smoother than I can ever remember. I will be completely honest though. That isn't entirely down to this oil alone. I am currently taking some prescription tablets & a strong topical cream to treat my acne which has made my skin clearer so combined with the oil it is all going the right way.

I can't comment on this for my hair and nails, I am currently loving my hairs shine due to a conditioner I am currently using so I haven't tried it out but if you did want to use this as a hair treatment, you can! It helps stimulate hair growth and also repair split ends. Hey it evens helps detangle too, it really is a win-win situation with this stuff.

You can currently purchase 120ml here on Amazon for only £12.95 or a 60ml bottle for £10.05. You get a pretty hefty amount of product for the price. If you get a full bottle, more on this a little later. You may want to slather this goodness all over your face however I prefer to use 2-3 drops and massage it on my face with my fingertips. I have found this works better for me than using a cotton pad. I can really focus on working the product on my problem areas which are the lower parts of my cheeks towards the jaw bone. Here I have lots of acne scars so I like to use the majority of the oil there and use whatever is left all over my face to keep it hydrated. 

This has been a real treat using lately as winter has well and truly set in here. I mean it even hit -2 the other day when I was sat in work! What is that about?! At least my skin felt nice and not the horrible tightness I normally get when it is dehydrated and cold!

The only thing I will say which is disappointing is my bottle hadn't been filled to the top, you can see this from my photo below, I am pointing out how full it is. As I only got one bottle I am unsure if this is the same throughout or whether I just got a bad batch.

Have you tried this out? What are your favourite face oils this winter?!

*This post contains PR samples however, all opinions are my own