How I Dye My Hair At Home with Naturtint*

I love dying my hair, if I am honest, I can't be certain what shade my hair is to begin with! Well I do, it is a dark brown but it hasn't been that for many years. Must be about 10 now? Maybe a few more. The funny thing is, it must be about twice I have actually visited a salon to get it dyed professionally. Crazy right?

I have always loved the convenience of dying my hair at home, it's could be because I am not really a huge fan of hairdressers. I can't be dealing with the small talk, I know it's not their fault, I have to do it in my own job. Maybe I just haven't found hairdressers I can relax in.

My last trip to the hairdressers only ended up in embarrassment for me. Unknown to me K had spat some of his medicine into my hair making a nice big knotty sticky patch at the back of my head. The hairdresser just proceeded to tear my hair our strand by strand and at the top of her voice state 'I have no idea what is in your hair but I can't get it out and it's sticky'. Cheers Mrs. Hairdresser now the whole salon is looking at me going a nice shade of crimson. Safe to say I haven't been back and I really need a haircut. It's a moral dilemma if I am honest.

The guys over at Naturtint kindly offered to send me some samples of their products to try out and when I saw one of their main sellers is hair dye I jumped at the chance. I went through their colour choices and settled on the shade 5C Light Copper Chestnut. It looks like a beautiful shade of the winter. It is always recommended to go one to two shade lighter or darker from your natural shade. I'm am currently a shade of faded gingery red so I thought the Light Copper would be a good choice. 

So random thought, does anyone else find the pictures on shop bought hair dyes seem to all be from the 90's?! Obviously not but that is just the way they look to me, sort of dated but not sure there is another way to showcase hair dye!

My hair is damaged like you wouldn't believe, but yet I still don't want to go to the hairdressers to sort out the mop on top of my head. That being said home hair dyes is one of the main issues. Naturtint although still contains chemicals it seems to be one of the most healthiest dyes about!

There is a whole list of ingredients that Naturtint do not include, from SLS, parabens to ammonia you just won't find them!

Dying your hair at home is so simple and if you follow the instructions you honestly can't go wrong. Even though I dye my hair (and not to mention the damage) I still do the recommended strand test. This is because the colour could be different than on the box. I'm not talking you've brought a red hair dye so it could be blue but the shades can vary. This shade came out a lot darker, however, is still beautiful. 

On the box, it shows the colour to expect if you had blonde hair. Obviously, with my hair being dark this dye was always going to turn out darker. When the light hits my head though, it reflects a beautiful copper-red shade which I couldn't be happier about! My hair colour looks a lot more blended together and natural 

So here's my simple step by step guide on how I dye my hair at home!

1) Read through the instructions that are provided in the box
2) Apply the gloves and mix together the colourant and developer
3) Starting at the routes of my hair I apply the bulk of the colour layer by layer
4) Using whatever is left in the bottle I then use to blend the colour down to the tips of my hair
5) I use a large clip to keep my hair away from my face so I can potter about

In the weeks after I dyed my hair, I used the Naturtint Colour Fixing Protective Conditioner and oh my word. This smells amazing. This has 96% natural ingredients including Shea butter. I honestly can't describe how amazing this smells. I still can't get over it. 

The conditioner also locks in the colour for longer and left my hair so shiny and smooth and not to mention smelling good. Have I mentioned that already? 

I have noticed in the past weeks my hair hasn't faded as much as normal and the only thing I have changed in my non-existent hair care routine is this conditioner. It has to be this which is keeping my hair looking so good. I can highly recommend this!

Do you guys dye your hair at home?! What are your favourite brands?!

*This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me, however, all views are my own