Winter Lipsticks

I am in love with the winter shades of lipstick. All the plum goodness! I've mentioned in a few posts this past year has been the one for lipsticks. I use to just be the girl with the nudes but 2016, I have ventured out my comfort zone and rocked colourful lips. It has brought a strange sense of confidence with it.

I own a couple of high end lip products however I have found drug store ones are just as good as long as you look after your lips. Without fail I use Lush's sugar lip scrub twice a day followed by a lip balm. I have found my lips aren't drying out as much so can apply the winter shades in a smooth even layer. I have noticed purples are a lot less forgiving than a simple nude.

I am not going to bore you too much with my million shades of lipsticks so I am just going in with my top 5 in no particular order.

Colour - Dark Purple 
I picked this up on a whim if I am honest. I got it first when New Look were redesigning their packaging so it was reduced to £2. I am in love with this colour now. It is the perfect winter shade, dark and mysterious as I like to say ha! I am really impressed with how long this lasted on my lips. Even with drinking lots, and I mean lots this lasted around 5-6 hours before I actually needed to touch up. Pretty impressive for a clothes store brand! This does feel a little drying but not so much it is uncomfortable to wear

Colour - Fire & Ice 
You know it's Christmas when the red lipsticks come out It is on every Christmas TV and every glossy magazine. This year it is also on me! This one by Revlon is a absolute classic and not too harsh for my pale as F skin. This is one of the Super Lustrous formulas which have been loved for decades. I believe this actual shade has been around since 1952 and I can definitely see why this has such an appeal to it! This glides on like a dream and as it is a cream rather than a matte it feels super silky on the lips and actually feels moisturising

Colour - Sangria
Shock horror it's another purple tones lipstick, like I said I have got a bit more daring this year with colours. I purchased my one on Amazon as I don't think you can purchase Milani products in the UK (could be wrong mind, don't quote me on this) and I love this formula. It is extremely hydrating and is packed full of vitamin A, C & E.  This is a cream to matte finish and I even wear this to work as it is that easy to get along with

Colour - Pink Spice
Love these or hate these, I however love them! I know they're are newer liquid lipsticks on the market but to me these are always a cult favourite in my world. This is my most worn shade from their Superstay 24 dual ended lip line. I don't have them all but I do own the majority and in the winter. These are fairly drying on the lips but I do love the fact you have the balm to top up throughout the day to keep your lips nice and hydrated

Colour - Divine Wine
Maybelline make some of my favourite drugstore lipsticks. This one is to die for. The formula for this I think is spot on, it's a creamy matte finish so lightweight on the lip unlike the Superstay 24 line. It lasts about 5 hours on the lips without needed to reapply. It wears evenly as well! There is nothing worse than your lipstick fading away from the inside out, not a good look ladies! 

What are your favourite lipsticks for the winter?!