Best Of 2016 Beauty Favourites : Part One

So 2016, where do I begin. It had really been the year of me discovering my makeup style. It was the year I stepped out my comfort zone and into a realm of exploring lip colours and eye shadows that I would normally steer clear of. I've decided I would do a round up of my favourite beauty products of last year! Does that not sound crazy, last year!

So I have been thinking how should I do my favourite, and decided to do my stand out product for each step in my make up routine. One foundation, one conclear and so on. I thought about just grabbing everything I have loved in 2016 but I will be honest the post would just be far too long. Doing it this way makes me think about the products more and why I enjoy them and reach for them time and time again. 

1) Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
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Man, I have loved this stuff since it was launched. I was actually surprised I love this as much as I do. You all know about my oily skin so considering this is a brightening and hydrating foundation, I was expecting to hate this. Expecting this to make my skin look worse, it actually looks pretty damn good. It makes me look like my skin is better than it is, and best of it makes me look awake and refreshed. Considering I had a baby in 2016, I don't know what feeling awake is anymore. Although I have about 6 foundations on the go at any one given time, if I am going to any events or have a special occasion, this is my go to one. 

2) Maybelline Matte Maker
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I can not tell you how many of these I have had. I currently have two on the go as it is. I always carry one in my bag and keep one on my vanity. For a drug store (still not sure what you call them this side of the pond) powder, it is amazing. It helps keep me matte longer than one of the many others I have tried. I can do my makeup before work and can get away without a touch up for about a good 5 hours. I have to admit, it is annoying that you need to carry a mirror and brush with you, but it is worth it.

3) Collection Contour Kit 
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I've hit pan! I think this the first bronzer I have ever hit pan on. I almost hit pan on a Hoola bronzer but I lost it before I could even attempt it. I love that on my skin tone this is more of a chocolate brown shade rather than the ashy tones you get. I just can not pull them off. I truly think Collection are an underrated brand, the quality of the products for the price is remarkable. The formulation of this powder is amazing. It blends like a dream and isn't powdery. I don't really use the highlight portion, I am not going to pretend I love that but for the contour. Solid 10/10

4) So Susan Statement Skin 
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This has been a subscription box find and a half. I want to say Glossy Box? I haven't tried much from the So Susan brand. I believe I tried a mascara but I can't remember. Clearly I might have liked it at the time but it obviously didn't blow me away. This, however, is amazing. I use this almost daily. I say almost as sometimes I just can not be bothered to put makeup on. Seriously getting up between 5 & 6 in the morning, glowing bright is the last thing on my mind. When I do use this I do get lots of compliments of how 'radiant' I look, being I had about 5 hours sleep it has to be the highlight. I apply it on my cheekbones straight from the tube and blend it with my fingers. It looks subtle but also brighter than my future.

5) Benefit The Porefessional 
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Cult product am I right? This is perfect for all my oily skin girls, it might be what makes the Hello Flawless foundation work so well. I have pores the size of England right by the side of my already larger than average nose. No one wants that and this has been my primer of choice for years. Guarantee it will be in my favourites at the end of next year too. Unlike many primers, I have tried this is a balm like consistency which covers the pores rather than sink in and exaggerate them. Using this on the T-Zone is amazing, even when I don't want to wear makeup I tend to just put this on as it makes my skin feel good as well as look good.

6) Makeup Revolution Blusher in Now! 
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This was £1! Can you believe it! I hadn't really heard of Make Up Revolution until this year. I feel like they have just been smashing the ball out the park when it comes to makeup. I picked this up on a whim as I liked the shade and even more so the price. I didn't expect much if I am honest. How good could it be when it cost £1. This can sometimes come off a bit powdery if I am heavy handed, but with a light hand, it is a beautiful shade which blends like butter. Now! is on the mauve side rather than pink which is what I tend to lean more towards. I don't know why but I look like a clown in pink!

7) LA Girl Concealer 
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Once again I know this is raved about throughout the beauty community. You can get this in any shade you want, colour correcting, contour, highlight. You name it, there is a shade for you. I am loving the shade Classic Ivory for highlighting my under eyes. It is so pigmented and such a thick consistency, it is perfect for hiding my bags. I also find that it doesn't crease much under my eyes. After a long days work, I tend to find it has creased ever so slightly. For me that isn't a problem as I finish work and come home, I am not going out so a few lines don't matter. 

8) Maybelline Super Stay Concealer 
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Is this cheating, I have already mentioned a concealer? This one I use to cover my spots. My skin is slowly clearing up but I still have the breakouts that need covering and this by far is the best for me. It blends into the skin and over the spots without drying them out. Many concealers I have tried before seems to dry the top of my spots out leaving a white type scab looking thing on my face. I don't seem to have that issue with this concealer. I just love it for that reason.

Look out for part two next week! What were your favourites of the year?