Best Of 2016 Beauty Favourites : Part Two

Today I am back with the rest of my beauty favourites! You can check out my first part here which was basically all my face products so now it is the turn of the eyes and lips! I'm not going to do a super long intro for you. It's pretty self explanatory! 

1) Mac Burgundy Times 9 Pallet 

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Choosing a pallet was so hard, and granted this is a newer purchase of 2016, I adore it. Although I only got this back in October, it is actually my most used pallet of the year already. I always rotate my palettes but this one I have reached for at least 3 times a week. If I am in work guarantee I will be wearing this. It is perfect if you haven't tried Mac shadow yet, they blend like a dream and fall out is a minimum.

2) Maybelline Master Drama Khol Eye Liner 
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I have used this eyeliner for years, I have found it is the only black that appears opaque on my water liner and will still be there by the end of the day. I love the fact this is cheap, it is rare to find a good eyeliner for under £5! I also use this to tight line as well and yet again it doesn't smear or smudge. I tend to have sensitive eyes when it comes to some eyeliners, unlike this one they usually make my eyes water so badly it ruins my whole eye make up. This has never happened with this one yet.

3) L'oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim 
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I know I have two eyeliners but let's be honest, you need two! You're not going to get a perfect wing with a khol pencil. This is the best eyeliner for beginners, it has a felt tip end which is so thin it is surprisingly easy to control. The tip is something ridiculous like 0.4mm so I have never found another eyeliner that hugs the lash line and can create a fierce flick with minimum effort. Perfect for those days when you are in a rush, just like me every day.

4) Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
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I rarely purchase a full size mascara from high end brands. I always by the miniature sample ones. Solely as I have so many on the go at once, they dry up and get thrown away half empty! Buying the sample ones means I actually use the whole tube! Anyway side tracked there, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is loved by everyone, it really does separate my lashes making them look about twice as long and twice the volume. It doesn't crumble off either like some mascaras I have owned. It really is a classic and love or hate the name, you can not deny it is an amazing mascara.

5) Ardell Eyebrow Pomade 
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I'm not great at doing my eyebrows, I am not even going to pretend to know what I am doing. I wish I had these Instagram worthy brows but yeah, I really don't. I picked this up as everyone raves about the ABH Dip Brow which is quite up there in price for someone who doesn't know what they are doing. This even comes with a brush which has a spoolie on one end and an angled brush on the other so you can just pick this up and you are good to go. I have found doing my eyebrows so easy with this, it is fairly stiff so holds the little hairs I have in place but smooth enough so I can attempt to draw the fake hairs. It is smudge proof too, so even when you are out and about in sunny England your eyebrows don't leave your face.

6) Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes 
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Again these are another classic loved by many so I am not going to ramble on. I will just say these look so natural and gorgeous they make your eyes just stand out. I love the lashes which make them look fuller on the outer part of your eyes and these are them. You will not regret trying these.

7) Lush Lip Scrub 
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I am a firm believer that you need to scrub your lips year round not just during the colder months. I swear by this one from Lush it is a sugar based scrub which buffs off all the dead skin leaving behind the softest lips ever. I have the bubblegum flavour one and my days I could eat this. 

8) Polaar Lip Balm 
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This has to be the most intense lip balm I have ever tried. It is so hydrating I use it twice a day without fail. The whole brand is designed to help your skin in the most extreme cold like the people in Finland. This is packed full of all types of hydrating ingredients such as beeswax and coconut oil. I can not recommend this enough, it is honestly the best lip balm I have every tried and all my lipsticks glide on so smoothly.

9) Mac Velvet Teddy 
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This is my most worn lipstick ever, like seriously. I have no idea how many times I have reached for this throughout 2016. It is the perfect 90's nude. It's such a beautiful deep beige tone which literally goes with any makeup look. As with all Mac lipsticks, the colour payoff is great and it applies opaque then dies down to a nice matte finish without being overly drying.

What were your favourites for 2016?!